12 Reasons Why "19" Has My Heart: #11

12 Reasons Why "19" Has My Heart: #11

Happy Tuesday...and February 19th! Ah, can you believe it?!?! You know what, the quicker we can get through these Winter months the happier I will be! I am, currently, sitting on the train headed to New York City. As I said in a recent social media post, if I cannot be in Santa Monica, my 2nd favorite playground is the Big Apple! 

Different than the last time I was here - which just so happened to be January 19th - I am only staying for the day. Actually, I am going to spend most of my time in the Soho/Meatpacking District. I have a really exciting meeting at the Soho House (a dream come true to check out) and, as I have mentioned time and time again, I am looking to expand my brand out of Baltimore to other MAJOR cities and beyond. Fingers crossed this is the 1st step in getting the Fit4Janine name out to the world! 

And, I will be honest, I chose today, the 19th, as the day to travel & set up my meeting, because I promised myself that I would do something fabulous every month on the 19th in "2019." To start things off, as soon as I hop off the train, I have an appointment at the DryBar! Because the hair has to be on point when in the city! I mean, you never know who you are going to see --> hence why I wear my best underwear, I am totally waxed, and I wear my diamonds.

Omgosh, get your mind out of the gutter! Ha!

Who knows what the day will bring (make sure to stay connected with me on Instagram/Instastories to see what goes down) but I can assure you that it will involve all the things that represent who I am! 

So, without further ado, here is Reason #11 why the "#19" has my heart! 

Reason #11: Learning That There Are NO SET RULES to Follow!

I have always been a rule follower and, frankly, I think I have lived a majority of my life thinking there were certain "rules" that needed to be followed in order to be successful. 

And, by successful, I mean personally, professionally, monetarily, and so on. Boy, have I been so very wrong; it has taken me to the age of 33 to really understand this (and maybe some therapy too)!

As I sit here, on the train, living the travel dream (for me at least) in an effort to create a life & business that I have ALWAYS wanted, I keep reminding myself of this - "life is a journey; take risks, create your own rules, and stop questioning 'what could I have done differently' or 'what would have made a difference' or even 'what did I do wrong?"

Believe me, I get stuck in this mindset a whole hell of a lot and it becomes debilitating. It is that "perfectionist" mindset that I am trying so hard to let go, and not be worried about what people think or how I am perceived.

So, today, on the 19th, I am vowing to let go of this feeling that I need to follow "certain rules," or someone else's rules for that matter, to be successful and HAPPY. My life is about me, and, with anything in life, it can be re-written and changed as I grow! 

And, if traveling every month, getting my hair blown out on the regular, throwing my life savings into my business because I believe in it THAT MUCH, and drinking champagne at lunch make me "successful," then WINE NOT?!?!

Because it is my life, and my rules...enough said!


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