"19"...And What Is Trending in My Wine Glass This Week!

"19"...And What Is Trending in My Wine Glass This Week!

Happy Hump Day! You just gotta love Wednesday, right? Half-way through the week, that much closer to the weekend, AND, it is time to WINE-down! Before I get to what is trending in my wine glass this week, I wanted to share a little something with you.

If you have been following my journey over the last few years (and, if not, that is totally cool), I have referenced the fact that the number “19” is extremely significant in my life. 

My birthday is December 19th. 

My sister’s birthday is November 19th.

Today, September 19th, I would have been married for 9 years - not to mention that the home my ex-husband and I once owned together became solely in my name, on this very day, TWO years ago. 

My divorce was “official” on August 19th. 

My credit card statement always changes over on the 19th, and the expiration date reads 09/19.

I leased my car on August 19th, 2017 and, you guessed it, my payment is due on the 19th of every month moving forward.

Although I am not into astrology - I couldn’t even tell you the characteristics of a Sagittarius - I decided to “google” what the number 19 means and/or represents. Again, I am the furthest person from being all “woo-woo” but I thought it would be interesting to find out. 

As with anything you look up on the internet, you get a handful of different responses BUT this one site seemed to be pretty on-point. Now, mind you, there are some areas that are, still, a work-in-progress but, overall, it was kind of fascinating to read.

And, because you know me pretty well by this point (ha!) I thought I would share exactly what I found out. And, PLEASE, like I said not ALL of these represent me - LOL! 

“These people are determined and independent; extraordinary powerful will and belief in their own dignity make them very noticeable to others. In most cases they are sincerely happy with themselves, always do only what they believe is right, and, because of this, they are very loved. They are optimistic, brilliant, generous, charming, attractive, and have many talents which they successfully use in practice.

They do not like to turn away from their path, regardless of the circumstances and opposition that may come from other people, and they are extremely persistent and straightforward when it comes to achieving their goals. They do not need anybody's support and can take care of their needs. They always try to be the best in their chosen career. Respect that comes from other people, and their own glory, are their main priorities in life. They are characterized by compassion and tendency to selflessly serve people. They are very sensitive, sometimes affected by the sudden emotional swings, but they can control themselves. With the mind of an inventor and creator they have a good chance to achieve material and social success.

With regards to emotions, those born on the 19th are thought to be quite dominant. While they recognize people have feelings, they believe everyone has the same strength as they have. Emotions do not play a big role for them, only manifesting in early youth and their older age. Sometimes they feel quite lonely being a “super-hero” among normal people. 

One can hardly recommend something to people born with this "Number," mainly because they do not like to accept recommendations. They possess many unique abilities, they can become “perfect leaders,” and it is natural for them to achieve their goals. One thing they must remember - not everyone is the same "super-person" as they are, so they must learn to tolerate weaknesses of others. In this case they are guaranteed to be powerful and loved throughout their whole life.”

Interesting, huh? So, I have to ask, do YOU believe in "signs?" I mean, sure, I am using the number "19" as a sign in my life but, as I shared, this all seems kind of "out there" to me, yet, it is happening in real life!

What can I take away from all of this? Or, maybe I need to re-frame this thought process as "what SHOULD I take away from all of these '19' significance's?"

I would sure LOVE to hear your thoughts, especially if this is your thing! PLEASE, help me find my inner "woo-woo!" Haha!

NOW, on to whats REALLY important...what is trending in my wine glass this week?!?! I will be honest, this bottle of wine is pricey - ~$60 per bottle - but it is SO WORTH IT! This is the 1st time I have tried any of the Groth wines; right before my sister's Wedding, I was lucky enough to go wine shopping in one of my client's/friends BEAUTIFUL wine cellars. Seriously, I have wine envy every time I see it! 

While I am, always, looking for a nice bottle of red, this was, definitely, an AWESOME recommendation! And, although I drink red any time of the year, with the cooler months approaching, this would pair beautifully with some of those heartier "comfort foods" (the tenderloin I consumed with it last night was pretty darn bougie)! 

groth 2013 carbernet


"Deep dark plum red in color, this 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon shows rich aromas of cassis, ripe dark cherries, black currants, cedar, and a hint of bay leaf. The mouthfeel is youthful and exuberant with bright acidity and bold tannins, a round oak sweetness, fruit flavors of plum and blackberry, and an intriguing savory note. The massive structure results in a remarkably long rich finish" {Groth Vineyards & Winery}.

Yes, sometimes I drink $10 bottle of wine during the week (hey, price does not matter if it's GOOD and you like it), and sometimes I drink $60 bottles. 

And, of course, I shared! ;)




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