"Acai" You!

"Acai" You!

Okay, where have acai bowls been all of my life? I think there was a part of me that was "nervous" that it would be too sweet or "OMGOSH I would be on sugar overload." 

BUT, when in California, and when this has been on your mind to try, you go ahead and get it! And, wow, it did NOT disappoint! One of my spots that I like to go to in Santa Monica is called Live Beaming. It is an organic, superfoods cafe that has amazing smoothies, to-go options, and, of course, protein bowls such as the one I had today! Made with organic, unsweetened, non-GMO Acai and blended with freshly sprouted almond milk, coconut butter, Himalayan pink salt, blueberries, banana, and Beaming's very own protein, this was, hands down, better than I ever expected. Plus, it was topped with Beaming's very own granola, coconut flakes, and hemp seeds. A perfect anti-inflammatory treat for breakfast this morning, and a great way to kick off the day!

acai bowl


As I mentioned yesterday, it is hard to believe I am writing this and it is, already, almost 6:00 pm. Believe me, my days go by FAST! This morning was filled with all the coffee, computer work, a fabulous Pilates class at Pilates Platinum, and then topped off with a lymphatic drainage session at one of my favorite places, Shape House. Afterwards, I walked some more, grabbed lunch at Tender Greens, and then came back to my hotel room for work, wine, and getting my act together to go out on the town.

                           pilates    shape house


Although, out on the town is pretty low key for me! :)

Not really sure what tonight will bring yet; I guess you will have to stay connected to my Instagram and Facebook. All I know is that it will involve a cheese board from the fabulous Fig Santa Monica at the hotel, then who knows where I will end up for dinner. Last night, I ended up doing 3 hours of computer work at the lobby bar, then ordered from one of my go-to spots, Zinque. So spent! Their "Le Bowls" are frickin' fabulous, especially when substituted with cauliflower rice! Just sayin...

Happy Tuesday...oh, maybe tacos are in order? I guess I will see how I feel! Cheers love!


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