"Accept Affection, Not Perfection."

"Accept Affection, Not Perfection."

Happy Sunday YOU! Not complaining but, really, it feels like the freakin dog days of Summer here in Baltimore. In "Janine's Perfect World," it would feel like SoCal weather for the Summer - high 70's, low 80's with a breeze and not a cloud in the sky. I mean, I was even HOT wearing this little number on Saturday outside. 

Janine Pink Athleta


Listen, dreams do come true! 

On a different note, as a Lifestyle Influencer, my main objective (although a work in progress) is to not only be showcasing all the things that I LOVE in the areas of food, fashion, decor, travel, and, of course, coffee & wine BUT to also give you a peek at my life, from behind closed doors. By the way, the tank I am wearing is the "Conscious Crop" by Athleta. 

While I don't share everything - because I do need a personal life ? - this is a way in which you, my audience, can connect with me on a different level. One that I hope resonates with you, is relatable, and acknowledges the fact that, yes, I am human too...and it's not all about what I am wearing, where I am traveling, what I am buying, etc.

This weekend has come with immersing myself in a lot of work, reflection, and a glass or two of vino ?while I was checking things off my to-do list. Because, no rules my loves!

With tomorrow being the start of a NEW WEEK, I want you to focus on being in the moment. Try not to focus on what has happened yesterday, 2 days ago, 2 weeks ago, or even what is to come...as hard as this may be to do at times. Believe me, I get it, struggle with, and trying to work through it myself. 

And, as wise person has recently reminded me, "accept affection, NOT PERFECTION."

Nobody is perfect.

Nobody is correct.

Life is a journey; there are ebbs and flows in life. Meet each of them with a level head, understanding, and, at the end of the day, be true to YOU and follow your heart (and gut).

And do so staying "fly" and with really cute selfies (at least I think)!

Have a fabulous #sundayfunday, and GO BE AWESOME this week!


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