All That Glitters: "Lit Up Like a Crystal Ball"

All That Glitters: "Lit Up Like a Crystal Ball"

S A T U R D A Y. I don't know which day felt worse; Thursday into Friday when I only got 2 hours of sleep OR last night into this morning where I slept my face off and definitely did not want to wake up when the alarm sounded. Rise and shine for another day of seeing clients, getting pictures, and attending a Christmas party for a client of mine who I have not seen in over a year. Although, what's crazy is that it just felt like I had attended this party last year too; that and SO MANY other things! 

Yes, SO MANY THINGS, including the Holiday's in general! Ahh, and I am still nowhere closer to being finished as I want to be. It's cool though; I will have it good to go by early next week. 

Okay, enough small talk! Let's get on to more important things such as the latest outfit I am wearing which has me "Lit Up Like a Crystal Ball." Literally, I was asked if I could be "turned off." When the light hits this FABULOUS shirt, it really does pack a punch...and I luv it! 

Janine Look Away


While this particular white sequined blouse from Zara is SOLD OUT - I did purchase at the end of the Summer but found something super similar HERE- I do want to chat with you about this bougie cape and velvet pants from, you guessed it, Anthropologie! And even better, THEY ARE ON SALE! 

Let me start with this fabulous Johanna Plaid Capelet that is just mah-velous, ridiculously classy, and one size fits all too. Two words that describe it - sophisticated and merry! Oh, another phrase you would like to hear - SALE on top of a SALE! With a price of $79.95 (from $128), there is an additional $30% off. #loveagooddeal

Janine Cape


And it got super Christmas-like when I paired it with THESE bottoms.

Red Velvet Pants


The Essential Slim Trousers in "Soft Red Velvet" are a must have pair for the Holiday season. Additionally, these trousers come in many different finishes, so you can have them on repeat for every season. A staple of the Anthropologie brand! Not only do they come in 3 different colors - washed black, deep forest, and, of course, soft red velvet - they are, currently, on sale for $79.95 (from $120) with, yes, an additional 30% off. I mean, come on, MERRY CHRISTMAS to YOU and that person on your list who would look fabulous in these beauties. 

Really, though, this ensemble is totally Holiday party worthy - a casual one at most - and can be dressed up or down with shoes, accessories, or with a different top to go with the pants, or different bottoms to go with the top. Yeah, can you tell I am still a little hungover from my NYC adventure on Thursday? CLICK HERE if you want the scoop! 

Janine Pose


Okay, love, Happy Saturday! Hope you are having an amazing weekend! Cheers!


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