Always Drink The Best Bottle First!

Always Drink The Best Bottle First!

I, absolutely, think we need to toast to THAT! Cheers!

Happy Friday, and Happy May 3rd! All I can say is I cannot wait to pop, fizz, and clink a little later to celebrate what has been, well, one crazy and EXCITING week!

Not only did I hope that all of Baltimore's "April Showers" will bring "May Flowers," although there has been a slight chance of rain in the forecast the past few days, but I was so pumped to launch "Janine Serio, Lifestyle Influencer & Public Figure" this week via my Facebook page!

Yes, you so read right; "Janine Serio" is now a trade name! Pretty freaking cool, right? But, you ask, how did all of this come about?

After returning home from the conference I attended in Palm Springs late March, my business partner and I had some very LONG discussions on "where exactly is Fit4Janine going, is it getting the traction and attention it deserves, is it getting lost in the social media shuffle, and on, and on?" After listening to some of the presenters, and seeing how they were angling themselves in the social media (i.e. person vs. brand) realm, that lightbulb started going off. 

That lightbulb propelling the questions I just proposed, a lot of tossing and turning at night, and my gut instinct that said THIS is what needs to be done. 

Hence the decision to break the two apart - "Janine Serio" (Lifestyle Influencer & Public Figure) and "Fit4Janine" (Lifestyle Brand & Media Empire). Janine Serio will showcase everything from food, fashion, decor, and travel, to blogging, brand sponsorships, collaborations, etc. Fit4Janine will focus more on media; vlogs on the latest businesses and establishments I am giving "my stamp of approval," to podcasts, TV appearances, magazine articles, and so much more. Did you know I really want to be on a billboard? Both will work together, and feed off one another BUT BOTH will get their own time in the spotlight and, hopefully, the attention they both damn well deserve. 

And I could not be HAPPIER with this decision, even if it still feels like everything is up in the air. I mean, now there needs to be separate EVERYTHING in the realm of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest but that will come! Oh, and don't worry, will be staying the same...because "Janine Serio" will ALWAYS be "Fit4Janine" (and vice versa). 

Back to drinking the best bottle first. AND, before we jump to any conclusions, it comes with sharing, and you can make your own assumptions about who I am sharing it with. 



I don't care if it is champagne or your favorite vino or whatever; the first bottle is ALWAYS the BEST bottle. It comes with the best conversation, the most authenticity, and an undeniable appreciation for its flavor profile. Plus, in my case, who would want to drink Veuve after having something that was not even close to being up to par? ?‍♀️

The moral of this story - don't think that what you have created in life has to be the end all. Keep working, and re-working, until you feel you have the best FIT for what YOU WANT, what is motivating & inspiring, and what your gut instinct is telling you. Couple this with putting on a flirty dress, popping some fabulous champagne, having amazing conversation, and being reminded to believe in yourself and what you are doing...because it is pretty fucking fantastic! 

I will say it again - you can never say it too many times - CHEERS! 


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