Sunday Funday...And Living Your Organized Best Life!

Sunday Funday...And Living Your Organized Best Life!

Happy Sunday Loves! Hope you are having a wonderful day, and maybe even a LONG weekend! If you are, I hope you are doing something FUN! My current status - computer work, vino, and icing my ankles. So bougie, right?

This weekend has been filled with one of my favorite things - organizing like a girl boss. Some may wonder what I even have to organize since I, ALWAYS, seem to have my finger on the pulse! I am pretty organized but I have gotten even more streamlined. I do thank my ex-boyfriend for this; if you are reading this, please know that I am pairing down to just the absolute essentials :) And, yes, this may mean combining 5 of my closets down to 3. 

I have never been a pack rat; I love organization and non-clutter. It has always been my thing! I like seeing my stuff! As you know, I LOVE nice things but, what I don't LOVE, are things being outdated. 

I am, definitely, in a little bit of a different (living) situation than I thought I would be at this point of my life. This is something that I don't advertise a whole lot - maybe it is because I am a little embarrassed (although I shouldn't be) and maybe it is because I, truly, am trying to keep some part of my life separate. And while I am deviating from the actual conversation at hand, it does all come together - I promise.

When I was going through my divorce, it was a decision about "what to do" with the house that we owned together. It was a cute row home in the trendy area of downtown Baltimore (Canton), and I had decorated it to a "T."

A "T" in which I could afford at the age of 23. I always said (and a recent client reminded me of this very statement as of late), if I could not do the "New York" thing, I wanted to live downtown. Maybe I will get a re-do of NYC...

If you live in the Baltimore area (and even outside of too), the stores I lived in were Su Casa, Stebbin's, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Su Casa (lol), Anthropologie, Ballard Designs, Homegoods, Target (for organization), and other local stores that sold adorable "chachki's." I loved putting up a new wreath for the different seasons, flowers by the marble steps, decorating for the Holiday's, and much more. 

I will say, I was pretty adamant that I wanted to purchase the house from my ex-husband. I still don't look at it as "why did I do this;" it is an investment (at least I hope) for me right now that I hope to cash in on down the road. More on this in a moment. It would have been easy just to sell it, not deal with it, split whatever was leftover and go our separate ways.

As much as I knew I would never live in that house again - too much hurt and pain - I wanted to walk away with something that could provide for me in the future. This is the same future that I had provided for when married. And, while NOT PERFECT, no one ever deserves to be cheated on. And, being the "injured party," no one deserves to have to pay for the ridiculous attorney fees that have set me back for years now.

In the end, I do own a home AND I do rent it out on a yearly basis...and I, hope, it will be kind to me and "return" the favor when I am ready to sell! 

Fast forward to today. I, currently, am residing at my parents house. I want to start by saying they have been wonderful and I really do have my own space. Yes, it is not where I want to be at 33 but, right now, it has been the best solution.

1. Finances: Nothing new that I have not spoke about here. While no one has ever said it, I have a feeling people think I am banking all of this money. WRONG. I do save, and I do shop, and shop some more, but I am also throwing everything that I have at 2 businesses right now. Yes, pros and cons to being a girl boss but, right now, I am prioritizing business over renting (or even purchasing).

2. Travel: This is another huge factor for me too. With my travel schedule being as frequent as it is, and not quite sure if I am going to keep "boots on the ground" full time in Baltimore, why would I invest additional money? I mean, 2 years ago, I really thought I would be moving to Santa Monica for 1/2 my year. Last year, I thought NYC or Philadelphia, this year, well, the rest is still unwritten but it is going to be a big YEAR (at least, that is the hope).

3. Family: While I am all about being independent, I, also, don't want to feel lonely. Living on my own would feel that way a lot. Sure, I could get a roommate, and, yes, I would have dinner parties, cocktails, etc., because that is how I roll BUT the day to day interaction, I feel, is essential. It is essential for my health, my well-being, and just knowing I have a squad of people who have my back, and will not turn their back on me. 

So, this brings me back to staying organized. While some may view it as being a little OCD at times, it is very cathartic for me. Plus, when it is time for me to make that next move, there is no going through boxes and boxes of things from my past. Everything is packed, labeled, or hanging/folded in my closet or drawers. All my furniture has been sold - mostly to my sister and brother-in-law or donated. I would want to start brand new anyway...and I already have! 

Paperwork has been gone through - and shredded if no longer needed.

Clothes, shoes, and accessories are current or being sold via consignment/websites.

Goodwill has seen me a LOT over the past couple months.

Houseware items are being consigned or given to family members who may want.

Well, I think you get my drift. And, in case you were wondering, here are some of the TOP decorating and storage places on my, current, go-to list:

                   janine closet     janine closet 2


It was my "New Year's Resolution" to be bringing you more of my decor sense. I may be a little behind the eight ball (I suck at pool anyway) but bear with me! :)

Have an amazing and organized week! Stay tuned to all my social media over the next few days! I have some more video clips, and sneak peeks, about last week's Valentine's Day video shoot at a pretty cool place in the Baltimore area, NYC tomorrow, a video interview this week with my marketing company, and just the day-to-day fabulousness (LOL) of Fit4Janine! 


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