A Little "Spring Cleaning" This April!

A Little "Spring Cleaning" This April!

Happy Wednesday, and APRIL 1ST! Yes, a different beginning to April than we all had ever imagined BUT we are in this together, right?

With everything being at a bit of a halt right now, I thought it would be fun to have April be all about "Spring Cleaning" - going through pictures and content over the last 6 months, and repurposing it HERE on social media!

Since I am out of commission with getting fresh pictures for (what we can all hope) will only be the next 30 days, I do have lots of reserves that I have not showcased, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to clean-up my "cloud," and take a trip down memory lane.

Have no fear; I will, still, be showcasing and promoting all my favorite places, new scores (I mean, there is a thing called online shopping), and everything else you are used to seeing. It's about being creative right now! Plus, it means that there is going to be that much more AWESOMENESS when we are all able to get back to normal! 

So, here is to #wednesday#winedown, and possibly throwing on a pair of pearls, and heels, and getting out of the athleisure for a bit! YES, and that is NO JOKE! 😜

Here's to 30 days!


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