Travel Life...And How To NOT OBSESS About Getting Back on Track!

Travel Life...And How To NOT OBSESS About Getting Back on Track!

Happy Tuesday you AWESOME YOU! Wow, hard to believe Summer is "unofficially" over, and it's back to school! For all of you starting your school year today, I hope it is FANTASTIC!

To be honest, I love this time of year. Fall kicks off the cooler weather, smells of pumpkin & cinnamon, and, before you know it CHRISTMAS. Hey, I know it seems like it is far away but, in reality, 3 months until December 1st. For as HOT as it is in Baltimore right now, it's kind of weird to see all the leaves changing colors - and falling for that matter - already. Maybe it has had to do with the insane amount of rain that we have seen this Summer. I really don't know BUT Fall is, definitely, around the corner.

And did I mention I LOVE the fact the weather is going to be cooler? This heat and humidity is overrated. Plus, I have not had a good hair day in a LONG time. 

While another week is upon us - hopefully a short one - I am FINALLY starting to feel like I am getting back into somewhat of a routine. August was filled with a LOT of travel and being out of my norm. I mean, what does a "routine" and feeling "normal" even look like anymore?  

From the end of July, to the end of August, I have been to California, Chicago, back to Baltimore, Connecticut, and New York City. Although an absolute whirlwind and blur, it has been filled with lots of love, new beginnings, and fun memories too. Between all the traveling, and just sheer craziness, my mind & body have been craving that so called "routine" that seems to have deviated over the last month.

I have made mention HERE over the past week that this has been the 1st weekend that I have not lived out of a suitcase. I so enjoyed waking up in my OWN bed Saturday and Sunday morning. In fact, I have felt something that I have not felt in some time. That is, less stressed. Sure, there are always the on-going stressors of "to-do" lists, money, business, etc., but, at least, these are, now, not coupled with the stressors of packing, repacking, speech writing, outfit coordinating, party planning, anxiousness, and on, and on. I know, such problems!

One thing I have not stressed out about (too much), even coming off a Holiday weekend, is my lack of exercise - there was a point in August where I went almost 2 weeks - the foods I enjoyed that were out of my norm, and the many "toasts" of champagne, cocktails, and wine that have been consumed. And, I may have taken a shot of Fireball on Sunday night too...because why not?

It could have been very easy to go into panic mode today, and feel that I have to be SUPER STRICT with my eating, exercise, and feeling guilty that I "let myself go." The truth is, I did not let myself go. I gave my body the break it, definitely, needed during a high stress time. Honestly, I should have done this a LONG time ago, and maybe I need to take more time off now that I am not fighting the stressors of parties and travel! Yes, while it is fun, they are stressors and, believe it or not, exercise is an additional stressor on the body too.

As one of my mentors in the industry, Diane Sanfilippo recently stated, "if you are pushing, pushing, pushing to exhaustion, and you need to TAKE A BREAK, it's absolutely okay. It's okay if it is just a few days or a few weeks. I mean, if you have been sick or worn out, is it not okay to rest?" Ahh, I could not agree more! I have enjoyed my time getting back into "it." Although I did deviate over the past month, I still stayed pretty consistent with making the best food choices possible given the situation(s) I was in, and I just tried to move as much as possible, even if that meant parking the car further away than usual. 

"Consistent actions create consistent results," and that is why you need to find a way to make your, personal process MORE ENJOYABLE, NOT STRESSFUL! Because, in times like THIS (i.e. post-Holiday or a hiatus from your routine), you don't want it to feel terribly difficult or challenging to get back into. 
So, how am I planning to get back on track without going CRAZY? When it comes to my nutrition, and getting re-focused, I do emphasize protein, healthy fats, loads of veggies, and an abundance of water (100+ oz. is my goal)! Since I am not doing a lot of intense workouts, I have backed off my starchy carbs a bit just to re-set and see how I feel. Again, if I want, I will consume because nothing is off limits! 
Oh, and as for the vino, that is a non-negotiable! LOL! Here is a little peek of what my regime looks like:
fit4janine eats


As for my workouts, I am taking it SLOW!!! 
  • I have focused on as much leisurely walking as I can get in everyday!
  • A local Pilates-inspired "boot camp" class has been a great change of pace, a break from the workout rut I had been in for so long and, again, it is what my body is craving. I just got back into a little more intense training this past weekend and, boy, I can tell I have been out of it for a while. Again, it's nice to feel pushed (again). 
  • And, while my ankles - specifically my left one - are still uneasy from my sprains back in join, they are almost "back to normal."
Although it has only been about 2 weeks, including an overnight in NYC and a Holiday weekend, it's amazing the difference I feel already! And, like I said before, absolutely NO STRESS; just working through my process (and enjoying every minute of it)! And I, hope, this will INFLUENCE you to do the same when you feel that the wheels have, slightly, come off the track.
Because, remember, "if you are persistent, you will get it; if you are consistent, you will keep it!"
And just because it is a post-Holiday weekend, or you have slacked a little this Summer DOES NOT mean you need to go full tilt with all areas of your health and wellness.
Baby steps, my dear; baby steps!
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