#BadAss Vibes...And How You Can Grab My Latest Look!

#BadAss Vibes...And How You Can Grab My Latest Look!

You know, just kicking back on a Wednesday, about to get in a workout, trying to cross things off the to-do list, preparing content for the next few months, AND, getting super pumped for my upcoming travel this weekend. As I have mentioned only a few hundred times (ha!), it is much overdue and I cannot wait to spend some time outside of Baltimore! Yes, it is home, but it can feel a little "toxic" at times too! Get my drift?

Janine Laid Back


I hope you have been following my social media as of late. I have been making a HUGE push to share all my latest fashion finds - I mean, I am an influencer after all - but, most recently, I have been showcasing all my BEST finds from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! 

While I love getting fancy, I am kind of digging this athleisure look that makes me feel just a little bad ass. I am not sure why - maybe the makeup? Converse? No, DEFINITELY, its the top and leggings! 

Janine Athleisure


Loving this bad ass camo print - actually called the "Rebel Dri-Fit - crewneck pullover by Nike (NEW but not on sale) but, even more so, these Zella "Studio Lite High Waist Crop Leggings" that are only $35.90 during the Anniversary Sale!

I have the hardest time finding athletic leggings that I feel look good on me. Yes, I know I should embrace the #quadzillas but I, also, want to make sure they are flattering too. And, I have been really loving the high-waisted look as of late. Definitely, "holds everything in." When I find a pair I that I like, I purchase in multiples. And, at this price point, I will, for sure, be grabbing a few more pairs (and in different colors) before the sale ends on August 4th! If you are like me, the athletic wear gets worn, hard, and it's always nice to keep a fresh rotation.

Here's to Wednesday; where the workouts are one the schedule, wine is on the "Happy Hour" agenda, and just living your BEST LIFE (and looking super athletic chic too)! 


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