#musthavemondays I Am Dreaming of A California Christmas!

#musthavemondays I Am Dreaming of A California Christmas!

Or, at least being here the week before, gives me the BEST of both worlds! Nothing like overlooking the beautiful pool on one side, and the Pacific Ocean on the other, and hearing "I Am Dreaming of a White Christmas" play over the hotel speakers! Not only is this such a magical time of the year, but it is SO FABULOUS being here during the Christmas season too...especially with it being T-Minus 1 week until Christmas Eve! Can you believe it?

Hey, good news though, I did manage to get everything I wanted to accomplish, even if it meant barely sleeping, going a mile a minute, and, well, feeling a little crazy at the same time. AND, this is going to sound even CRAZIER - it has kept me sane. If you are reading this, and can relate to my personality, then you know what I mean. 

Now, I know what you may be thinking - how is this POST beneficial if I am not in California? And, you are right - it is NOT beneficial. But, what I want you to get from it is to imagine yourself in one of your FAVORITE places, and think about all the things that are "Fit4You" there. Sure, there are a LOT of places I want to visit but this is one I am familiar with...and that is what I want you to think about too. Where is that "go-to," "happy place" of yours that you could share all of your favorite things?!?!

That place that you just want to share everything about it with the WORLD! While there are so many places I could/want to share with you, I decided to keep this one to where I love to stay in Santa Monica - Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows! Plus, if you are deciding where to stay in the next city to travel to, make sure to check out the Fairmont group of hotels. Seriously, you will NOT be disappointed! I, recently, had the opportunity to check out The Fairmont in San Francisco, and it was AMAZING! So #fit4janine! 

See, this post IS beneficial to you! Ha!

Real quick, I am, currently, sitting at one of the BEST restaurants in Santa Monica - Hillstone! I mean, look at this fabulous lunch of a California roll, and then it was followed up with delicious piece of pan seared salmon and sautéed broccoli! Oh, and a glass of Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc!

Hillstone California roll


Pan Seared Salmon


In keeping with the spirit of the season, here are some pictures from the hotel decked out for the Christmas Holiday! And, while the WEBSITE gives the best description of everything that has to do with the hotel, as well as all the amenities, restaurants, things to do, etc., here is what I LOVE about it!

Fairmont Christmas Tree


Fairmont Lobby at Christmas

The Staff & Service: You just know you are at a top-notch, high quality hotel when the service is on par, the staff is so accommodating and makes it their business to know who you are, and is just down-right friendly! From the front desk upgrading me every time I stay here, to the valet service that is always wondering "how I stay fit," to the concierge, attentive waiters, waitresses, and bartenders, it is such a treat staying here! 

The Accommodations: I think one of my favorite things about the hotel is the freaking bed! I always get a room with a KING, and you literally melt into the bed at night! Yeah, it is THAT NICE! Ahh, now, if only I could sleep...P.S. I know, NOT A GREAT PICURE! 

Fairmont Bed


Besides the bed, the rooms are spacious, luxurious, and have big, beautiful bathrooms, closet & drawer space, a nice writing desk (because blogging), and awesome balcony's! :) 

The FOOD & COCKTAILS: Don't you love how I capitalize those two? Let me start backwards - the cocktails. As I mentioned before, although I do not come here on a weekly basis, I am here, for the most part, on a monthly basis that the staff in Bar/Lobby Lounge have gotten to know me pretty well. If it's not "Ms. Serio, Grey Goose on the rocks or straight up," it is "I will take a glass of Honig Cabernet Sauvignon." And, if I cannot decide, I will go with a glass of Prosecco to start! 

Grey Goose Martini


Honig Cabernet


As for the food, well, there is SO MUCH awesomeness! Foodie acclaimed "Fig Santa Monica" has a wonderful menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!



From delicious omelets and chicken sausage (umm yeah), to beautiful salads, hummus & crudités, cheese and charcuterie, wood roasted veggies (the beets and Brussels are amazing), and the hanger steak and cauliflower risotto (I add grilled chicken) entrees, are ALWAYS my go-to's. You will find me eating here a handful of times during my stay because, while the setting is GORGEOUS, the food is THAT good! 

Cheese & Charcuterie


Cauliflower Risotto


Fig salmon and beets


The Exhale Spa & Health Club: While I have only used the "Health Club" twice (I, generally, get out and walk and/or head to another workout establishment in the area), it is super state of the art and the outside turf is awesome! The spa, on the other hand, I have visited a lot more, and cannot wait to get a treatment while I am here this week. You cannot go wrong with a massage, a facial, or even a body scrub/detox treatment (which I plan on getting this week...and NO, I am not vain)! The steam room & sauna you have access too - pre or post treatment - is pretty fabulous. Because, sometimes, you just need to sweat it the FUCK out, right?

"The Bungalow:" Oh, this has been around for a LONG time, and celebrities flock here for a little FUN, but it is still on my bucket list. Yes, I have not been, yet, I am kind of timid about going. I need a wingman! Gentleman, if you are reading this, any takers? Only caveat - you will partake in a cocktail or two with me, and we can have a little fun on the dance floor, just like the cast of "That's 70's Show" did so many years ago (and a handful of other celebrities)! Yes, it was a picture that went viral. Check it out on Instagram!

The Location: At the corner of Wilshire and Ocean Avenues, the location of this hotel has to be the BEST in the area. You are a crosswalk away from the beautiful Pacific Ocean in one direction, and, the other, from all the shopping on the 3rd Street Promenade! A few blocks away is the bougie Montana Avenue, with even more boutique shops, restaurants, and entertainment! Check out this view from my room!

Palm Trees and the Pacific


Who is ready to travel with me the next I stay here? 

Fairmont Miramar at Christmas


Happy Monday!


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