Can of Wine? Well, It’s Pretty Divine!

Can of Wine? Well, It’s Pretty Divine!

I am not sure what I like better – the super cute labels on these wine cans OR the super cute family who owns and operates this local winery & vineyard in Westminster, Maryland called “Old Westminster Winery.”

With “canned wine” coming to the forefront for a lot of winemakers, I thought it was fitting to start today’s “Wine Down” series showcasing a local family who is taking the wine scene by storm! Plus, I swear they geared their latest product towards individuals like me who are not big beer drinkers, yet don’t want to feel “out of place” at the next barbecue without a can in hand.

When I first met the Baker family, I was just introducing myself to the world of tasting, swirling, sipping, and appreciating really good wine. It was a fluke that my family and I stumbled on their winery. There was another local vineyard we were visiting at the time who had recommended us to check out this NEW family owned winery down the street.

While it has been 4 years now, I still remember pulling up to the winery, being in absolute awe of this beautiful family who had started production right on the property of their family home. They were so warm, generous, and incredibly welcoming. They treated us like family!

can of wineWhen their (gorgeous) tasting room was being built a few years ago, they opened up their home to guests on the weekends for wine, conversation, and just an all-around good time. How cool is that? Although I have not made it to their winery in some time, it has been awesome to watch them grow, and expand, every year since our first meeting! Thank goodness for Social Media!

Back to the canned wines! While I have only tried the 3 I have showcased – Farm Fizz, Vine &Vigor, & Crush – there are 9 other canned varieties to choose. You can check out all of them HEREand maybe grab a few for the upcoming Labor Day weekend!

I must say, I have been skeptical of the whole canned wine movement. I have tried others in the past and I could not get on board. It just did not seem the same. When I heard Old Westminster was releasing a series of canned wines, I was hesitant but also kind of excited to try. Prior to purchasing, I asked a few people who work in some of the local Wine & Spirit shops if they had tried and their thoughts. The feedback I kept getting – they are different, fun, and not what you would expect (in a good way of course).

And they did not disappoint! While I, definitely, do not put these in the same category as your traditional wine – come on, they are in a can – I have to agree with what others have said. Their flavor profile is different, fun, and, actually, downright refreshing! Hence the “not what you would expect.”

To find out more about the Baker family, and their story of how they got into the winemaking business, make sure to check out their website! Such a great story and, like I have mentioned, the family is just beautiful!

And, just in case you were wondering, my 2 favorite bottled wines from Old Westminster are the Albarino and TrioBoth are white wines and PERFECT for the warmer months when you are looking for something light and refreshing!

Who am I kidding; I would drink these in the Winter too! #nowinerules

Cheers my loves! 


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