Something Amazing is Brewing in Maryland...

Something Amazing is Brewing in Maryland...

Do you love coffee as much as I do? You want to know what I love even more? When I am drinking a great cup of coffee that is not only of the highest quality BUT is supporting the environment and improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay too! I mean, talk about a "win-win," right?

To all of my coffee fans out there, I had the amazing opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company to not only get a peek at the AMAZING coffee they are roasting but to, also, learn a little more about how they are making a difference for the environment too! 


Established in January of 2002, the company started with the vision of creating high quality coffees while also contributing to environmental preservation and local, community events. With a small team of people who have over 26 years in the specialty coffee industry, their passion comes down to one simple phrase - “Taste the Difference. Making A Difference."

While roasting coffee, supporting the environment, and having a whole lot of fun while doing so is on the TOP of their list, their continuing desire, dedication, and enthusiasm for educating themselves on ALL THINGS COFFEE is what is setting themselves apart in the industry.

I mean, they kind of “geek out” on it!

Like Rick Erber, Founder and Director of Sales, mentioned in our interview, their biggest commitment is to promote the importance of the Chesapeake Watershed through the sale of their specialty coffees. By doing so, this encourages the local efforts to clean, educate, advocate, and enjoy the resource of the Chesapeake Bay.

With being a huge coffee connoisseur myself, I am so excited to find a roaster who is not only producing some fabulous coffee – by the way, my favorite is Eco-Reef Medium Roast Blend – but is giving back to the community as well. And, with a variety of specialty grade coffees, including USDA certified organic single origins and blends, collaboration barrel aged coffees, and flavored ones too, there is, certainly, something for all palettes!

For more information, make sure to check out their website at to find out where you can purchase all of their fabulous blends! Oh, and maybe you need to send Rick an email encouraging him to create the "Fit4Janine" blend that we discussed. If you have not checked out the video, I think you need to do so just to hear his response on what I would "taste like"...or maybe to see why I could not seem to keep a straight face!

As always, thank you to Lindsay Shields of No Filter Glam for the hair & makeup, as well as my awesome team with Mojo! And, thank you PJ Salvage, Club Monaco, and Spanx (yes, I know...these faux leather tights are amazing), for styling me! :)


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