Being a CEO Like WOAH!

Being a CEO Like WOAH!

Adulting is real. Being a "CEO" is real. And, sometimes, letting yourself cry is just what you need.

Feeling all the feels this week and, yes, I am letting you in on a secret ➡️I may have cried myself to sleep on Monday night.

No, this is not a "poor Janine;" I am looking at it as part of #flashbackfriday ?and a "hey, I am human too!" I have my stuff that I am working through and trusting the damn process every single day!

Vulnerability is tough to show and acknowledge at times - at least for me - and that is one thing with my social media/blog that I wanted to share more of with YOU. Not only am I showcasing all things that are "Fit4Janine" in the realm of food, fashion, decor, and travel BUT I wanted you to get to know ME, for who I am!

The good, the stylish, the hot mess, and, well, everything in between!

So, when you just needed a night out for a little FUN, you ask your sister if she wants to join! And that is exactly what we did - we let our hair down, had some amazing cocktails at various spots in Baltimore, and bellied up to the bar at The Food Market for dinner the other evening. Ooh, a must try if you are in the area (or traveling to meet me soon - ha)!

                    The Food Market The Food Market Beet Salad The Food Market Beef Short Ribs


Champagne, beet salad, and the roasted beef short rib were flipping unreal! My sister's sea bass looked incredible too. Oh, and this shirt I recently purchased from Sassanova Of Greenspring was a total conversation starter too. Seriously, "so, are you a CEO?"

Janine Serio Sassanova


If I had a dollar ? for every person who asked me that last night...damn straight! Ha!

So, as my motto has been this week, TODAY IS A NEW DAY. Meet it with understanding, immerse yourself in what fuels your soul, and do it all while wearing your favorite NEW sports bra from Athleta.

Janine Serio Athleta


And maybe get a little sweaty...?

Happy Friday Loves!


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