Champagne Campaign: The Plaza Hotel, New York's Finest Hotel Experience

Champagne Campaign: The Plaza Hotel, New York's Finest Hotel Experience

Can you name that movie? Wait, maybe it went "New York's most exciting hotel experiences?" Omgosh, it was one of my absolute favorites back in the day, and maybe one of the reasons I fell in love with The Plaza Hotel. Regardless of the time of year, there is just something so iconic about it. And, during Christmas, it is just so magical. Seriously, you feel like you are stepping into another world, as long as you can overlook and navigate all of the tourists. 

Plaza Christmas Tree


Every time I go to New York, I try to make it a point to grab a seat at the "Champagne Bar" to sip, work, and people watch. I get so enamored by the outfits, the who's who (of whom I do not know) walking in the door, and feeling that New York energy. There is a definite vibe that screams power, wealth, and affluence. 

This was the last place on my BRIEF (and ridiculously exhausting) NYC marathon run last Thursday. If you have been following along, it was an 10 hours, try to get in 8 different venues, with 4 outfit changes, kind of day. Needless to say, Janine did NOT do a good job of factoring in traffic. I think 3 of the 10 hours were spent among honking Lyft's, cabs, and the NYC hustle. 

While it was going to be a quick stop for champagne, it turned into not being able to walk another step in gorgeous, yet super painful heels (see the culprits below) and not wanting to sit in any more traffic trying to get to the restaurant for which I made a reservation. Instead, I opted to sit at my window spot, chill out, people watch, drink champagne, and eat. Mind you, there was a wait to get into the hotel but, luckily, I was able to snag an awesome seat. See, they knew Janine Serio was in town. 

Janine Shoshanna


In keeping with the glitz and glamour of the hotel, I chose this fabulous "Rye Top" in Jet by Shoshanna to sip fancy Moet & Chandon champagne.

Janine Champagne


I do apologize for the non-picture of the bottle; seriously, delirious at this point in the evening. And, as I mentioned, these shoes were not meant for walking or standing either! 


Although pricey - it is NYC and the Plaza for that matter - the food was excellent too. To start, the snacks the placed on the table were fabulous, even though I just went for the smoked almonds. Omgosh, they were kind of like crack and, no, I have no idea what that is even like. 

The Plaza Snacks


Okay, to really START, I ordered the cheese and charcuterie boards because, duh, and, honestly, it was one of the best I have had in a while (besides my own). Sometimes you get them out and they are a little pathetic for the price point. This one did not disappoint!

Cheese and Charcuterie


And, finally, to round out the meal, and the champagne, a fabulous Caesar salad with a mix of grilled chicken and shrimp was in order! Hmm, and, yes, another disappointment. Oh no, not the salad; the fact that there is no picture since I scarfed it down before white knuckling my way, via cab, to the train station. 

Phew! At the end of the day, while I was so incredibly spent and exhausted it was, definitely, the Fit4Janine experience, for sure! Next time, I will do a much better job of planning better!

Until then, I will continue to keep recovering from the craziness, little sleep and, did I mention, I am headed out of town today for a little Janine Serio "R&R?" Yes, it is oh so needed!

Happy Wednesday, and one week until Christmas! OMG!


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