Georgetown Love...And Getting Reacquainted With Your Cousin!

Georgetown Love...And Getting Reacquainted With Your Cousin!

Oh Friday, you are FRI-NALLY here! When my alarm went off at 4:00 am this morning, all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed. I think my body is starting to give me big time push back. You know when you wake up, feeling like you are in a total work/exhausted hangover? Yes, I did have cocktails the day/night before - I will get to that momentarily - but not enough to have me feeling like THIS. 

My current status? Fire, Christmas music, wine, and pajamas. Ah, yes, the single life on a Friday night. Feeling a little sad tonight but, as I keep saying, I will be okay. 

Anyway, yesterday, I was a tourist in one of my favorite towns during the Christmas season - Historic Georgetown. There is something about it's classy, super high-end (and so #fit4janine) charm that is just so damn fabulous. I mean, the wreaths that line "M Street" I just LOVE! I kind of wish this was a better picture but it will have to do!

M Street Georgetown Christmas


While this was one of my #travellife stops to do some market research and a little shopping, after a conversation with my cousin earlier in the week, I asked if she wanted to come along for the ride. I think we both needed the quality time. 

I mean, who wouldn't want to come with me - ha! ;) In all seriousness, I think my cousin said it the best later in our evening to someone who we started talking to at one of the restaurant/bars we checked out - "we kind of did our own thing(s) for the past few years and are just reconnecting."

Hold that thought!

We grabbed the Amtrak at Baltimore's Penn Station mid-morning on Thursday, made our way to Union Station, and then took a Lyft to fabulous Georgetown. We toyed with taking the Metro but this seemed so much quicker! 

Christmas Tree in Union Station


Upon our arrival, we did a quick tour to get the lay of the land, and then looked for a yummy place to refuel. While I have been a handful of times, I don't know the restaurants as well as I should; more by seeing them (a familiar one was at Clyde's, which is a TOTAL touristy place and franchise - in my opinion). One of my clients gave me the recommendation to check out a restaurant called "Cafe Milano."

"Janine, it is TOTALLY up you alley; great food and people watching. You never know who you are going to see!" And, you know what, he was absolutely right! Side Note: We never saw anyone famous, at least, who we recognized! 

In our quest to find a place, I googled its location and we were in striking distance. "Guess what Jen [my cousin], we are going HERE." Although my bougie athleisure wear is what I was donning that day - between being with clients and my ankles that were sprained in June (and rearing their ugly heads again) - it is what the doctor ordered. Ha!

You know, I can, definitely, hold my own among the business suits of lawyers, diplomats, politicians, journalists, broadcasters, lobbyists, entertainers, and all those who love a good Italian cuisine! The very clientele they depict on their website, and exactly who dined with us. I would love to go back for a swanky dinner but that will be for another time! 


Italian Chardonnay


In any event, we had a lovely lunch that started with a glass of Italian Chardonnay (bummed I did not get the name) - we let the sommelier pick - paired with a fabulous prosciutto, sun-dried tomato, and a yummy Robiola cheese appetizer. We followed this with another glass of Chardonnay, and then our main courses. Jen got a BEAUTIFUL pizza - the "Cafe Milano-" which included Capaccio tomatoes, imported mozzarella, artichokes, seasonal mushrooms, ham, and olives. Really, it was GORGEOUS. I had my usual specialty - roasted salmon with their Panzanella Salad. This included tomatoes, avocado, celery, endive, butter lettuce, cucumber, basil, homemade dressing AND I asked to hold the croutons. 



The Cafe Milano


salmon salad


Post a yummy lunch, and great convo, we headed out on the town to walk, window show, people watch, and continue chatting about our love lives, our hopes and plans for 2019, and even took THIS bougie selfie...and, yes, when I filtered it, I was the only one who got the "Golden Hour" look.

I know, what a selfie hog...and I loathe selfies. 

girls in Georgetown


We had fun, laughed, and got out of our own way. We have, both, struggled these past few years with having our marriages/current relationships fall apart in front of us - no matter what we did to try and make it better - and it was nice to just get a different perspective. A point of view of someone who has been through it, going through it, and/or lived through it. 

It was really nice to just reconnect.

After we walked and shopped, we were ready for another cocktail. We wanted to find a FUN, FESTIVE bar that reminded us of our times in NYC when we would go to Rolf's German Restaurant/Christmas Bar. If you have not been, you MUST check it out. It is like Christmas on steroids!

Earlier in the day, we passed by this place called "Martin's Tavern" that looked so festive. So, we decided to check it out and we were SO THRILLED we did. While not on the same scale as Rolf's, the dark wood paneling, old world charm (it has a lot of history), and the fabulous Christmas decorations were, EXACLY, what we were looking for to kick off Happy Hour. We pulled ourselves up to the bar and  "Boomeranged" our cocktails of Stella & a Grey Goose martini. Check out THIS Instagram post 

martins tavern




Two FUN FACTS: We are, both, Christmas babies and are, exactly, one year & one week apart; AND the gentleman we spoke to last night said that Martin's Tavern and Cafe Milano are two of the BEST places for food and drink in Historic Georgetown! 

Do we know how to pick them or what? Yeah baby! 

So, after an interesting conversation with some people at the bar - oh, and, apparently, if you sit at the bar, you have to be a local (just kidding but it was like Cheers; even our waiter thought we were locals) - we got a table for 2, FINALLY got to chat without interruption, and ordered dinner. Unfortunately, I did not get pics but my lettuce wrapped grass-fed burger with provolone, mushroom, avocado, & tomato, with a side of sautéed spinach, and Jen's Caesar salad with grilled chicken, were fantastic!

Satisfied, content, and ready to head back to Union Station to board our train back home. While our "ride" back to Baltimore was a bit delayed, we made good time, said our goodbyes, and I was home, "unpacked," and in bed a little after 10:00 pm. 

Ahh, I cannot wait to go back...and, hopefully, it will not be a few years in the making! 

Here is to a wonderful weekend loves! Oh, and did I mention I am heading to California on Sunday? Next week is a BIG WEEK...I mean, the "double 3's are happening." YIKES! I guess you will have to wait and see what I am talking about! 


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