Clarity & Perspective, With A Side of Class...

Clarity & Perspective, With A Side of Class...

It's just another manic Monday, and so happy it is 5 o'clock! A busy day, for sure, with a busy week ahead as I gear up for a little travel that feels long overdue. This time next week, I will be be back in my 2nd home and, hopefully, taking some time for me.

Before I get into that in more detail, HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday to my fabulous Father who, does not get a lot of social media time, but surely deserves it! What an amazing example he has been to our family, and I will truly be so very grateful for everything he has done and continues to do! Here we are - a family of "4" - pre my sister getting married last August (geez, cannot believe that is coming up on 1 year)!

Puszcz Family


As I have made reference, the past few months have taken a toll on me, physically & emotionally, and I need some fresh air. You know that feeling of not being able to breath? Yeah, THAT feeling, and just being in an overall funk. It's been on overload, affecting not only my health, but my relationships with family & friends, and even my work. 

I feel like I have been looking for clarity and perspective on a lot of things in my life, post-divorce. When you go through something like this, it really is a game changer, at least it has been for me. One of my biggest challenges and hurdles I need to overcome is the fear of rejection. This has been the most obvious since my ex walked out the door and never came home. The fear of being rejected personally, and professionally, has been hard for me to shake. It is a wall that I have built up, and I feel that now more than ever.

I have a guarded exterior that makes me come off to some as being "serious" or "straight-laced" upon first meeting. Believe me, it makes me feel terrible when people express this - it is SO not me! It's an absolute defense mechanism. I don't want to get hurt (again) or ever feel the pain that I have endured.

BUT, it's life, and it is all about how you work through it. If people don't like the pictures I put out, or how I live my life that I showcase on a daily basis, okay, don't like it. If a brand does not think I am a good "face" or fit for them, then it probably is not the right match. I am learning to deal and just MOVE ON. A lot of waisted time & energy! As for my personal life, hmm, that shall remain my personal life. Trust me, I wish things were more exciting ?

Here's to hoping for some peace and just working on me next week. Can you guess where I will be headed?!?! It may include palm trees, lots of sun, and not this 100+ degree weather that we have been having here in Baltimore! Oh, before I go, really digging this new look from my latest photo shoot yesterday. It is a little Bohemian chic, mixed with some funkiness! You can find out where to purchase ALL below! Although the print is out of stock in the shoes, there are many other colors to choose from during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! 

Janine Anthro Nordstrom


Dress: "Aria" Textured Shirtdress by Maeve for Anthropolgie

Shoes: "Sid Pointy Toe Booty" by Louise et Cie for Nordstrom

Location: Rye Street Tavern in Baltimore, Maryland



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