In A Dallas State of Mind...

In A Dallas State of Mind...

Loves, Happy Monday! What a weekend it has been; EARLY morning wake-up call on Saturday (and today), airport life, a tour of Dallas with one of my besties that I met in Paris on the Food & Wine retreat back in May, AND, hoping I can get some much needed shut-eye over this next week!

Saturday started my 10 day "get out of Baltimore, need to chill the f-out" vacation. Yes, there will be a little business that I do along the way but I really need to focus on decompressing, relaxing, and trying to get myself (and health) back on track. I am so looking forward to my upcoming week long stay in Santa Monica that I cannot even stand it! I miss this place beyond belief, and I, hope, it will be the change of pace that I need right now. 

Back to Dallas. While I have been to Austin for a HOT second a few years ago - and that was for a business mastermind - this was my 2nd time checking out this beauty of a state. I always get ridiculously jealous when I visit these cities that have amazing shopping, home decor stores, grocers, etc. I feel like we get "jipped" in Baltimore. Again, from the shopping (come on, a must for me), to the EATS (love me some tacos and Tex Mex), to the overall hospitality, Dallas is an awesome place to visit, and I cannot wait to go back! Here is some of the grub and libations that went down!

Dallas food


And, for all those who were commenting on the weather, it, definitely, did not feel any different to what Baltimore had experienced a few weeks ago when it felt like 110+ degrees. Actually, it probably felt even better in Dallas because of the lack of humidity. 

Some of the places I checked out while I was there?

- The Shops at Park Lane

- The Shops at Legacy

- Northpark Center

- SolidCore Dallas

- The Katy Trail

- The Original Chop Shop

- Mesero

- Stirr Dallas

- Modern Market

- Houndstooth Coffee

Phew! It was less than 48 hours but so much fun was had! Like I mentioned, cannot wait to go back and check out more of the sights (and the fabulous EATS)! If you have ever been, and have some recommendations, let me know! I would love to hear! :)

Hope your weekend was epic! Cheers to a fabulous week ahead! 


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