#musthavemondays Bougie Beauty

#musthavemondays Bougie Beauty

And, yes, I used the word BOUGIE. I have gotten some flack for using this word but, frankly, I don't really care. No, I don't find myself to be above ANYONE; I just like it.

It's fun. It's trendy. And, you know what, I guess I wish I really was living the BOUGIE lifestyle, but that is all relative, right? However you define the word, GO FOR IT! And stop thinking that it is such a negative! 

Anyway, Happy Monday!

Hope you weekend was fantastic and filled with some Christmas cheer! Did you happen to see my Instagram/Instastories on Saturday? I did my best to get out of my "Grinch mood" and get festive with a little fun at Tyson's Corner, Virginia. Ugh, it is so unlike me to be/feel this way, especially this time of year. I HATE it.

Okay, I will be a little nicer - I DISLIKE IT.

I love the Holiday's and, well, I am just so stinkin' sad. I mean it, I feel like I could cry at the drop of a hat, yet alone when I hear a Christmas song. Pull it together, Janine! 

Alright, back to the task at hand! I am kicking off this week - coffee in hand (of course; oh, see below for what I am drinking) - to bring you the 3rd installment of my #musthavemonday series. And it is all about my favorite beauty products! Sure, I have a lot of others that I use BUT these are what are trending, ALL THE TIME (one that is NEW too), in my beauty repertoire! 

Dry Bar: To say I am obsessed with their products is a little bit of an understatement. Not only do I adore their styling tools - the Buttercup Blow Dryer is AMAZING - but their styling products are just as fabulous too! Their signature "Detox" Dry Shampoo scent is, hands down, one of the best smelling dry shampoos on the market! Plus, whenever I am in striking distance of a Dry Bar, it is an absolute MUST to get my hair blown out! Seriously, you will be "blown away!" :)

                                  dry bar bag     dry bar products


Kiehl's: With having such sensitive, and dry skin, I have struggled with finding the right products to use that not only work, but do not aggravate my skin even more! The Kiehls line is just FANTASTIC, and I love their "Cream de Corps" Body Lotion and "Ultimate Strength Hand Salve." My skin has never felt better, and it is moisturized (and soothed) to the max. My hands, especially in the winter, get super dry and this hand lotion is one of the best I have found on the market. AND, it does not leave a greasy finish which so many hand lotions seem to leave. Talk about a WIN.

                                     Kiel's creme de corps     kiehls hand salve


Paul Scerri: I am, constantly, getting asked about my daily skincare routine. First, and foremost, I am so fortunate that my business partner in 2 Health Nuts, Daria Shaw, is an esthetician by trade. What does that mean? Well, if my schedule permits, I get a facial on the regular...and, by the regular, I mean on a weekly basis! These products are what she uses and, honestly, I am HOOKED. They are phenomenal and, whenever I share with people in the industry what I am using, they are blown away!

Paul Scerri


"That line is AMAZING!" "Wow, we wish more people used them!" "Incredible! Your skin is like nothing I/we have ever seen!" 

What's funny is that I did go through my awkward years of not having great skin, regardless of everything I did, but I chalk that up to my skin being ridiculously sensitive! Since being consistent with these products over the last 3 years, I can, honestly, say that my skin has never felt and looked better! Yes, I still go through times when it is congested, dry, a little "imperfect," but, for the most part, I have been so pleased1 And, if you want an EXCELLENT facial, and live in the Baltimore area, definitely reach out! I can connect you with Daria! 

Le Labo: A newer product to my daily beauty regime, I was introduced to this line as samples at the one and only Fairmont Hotel and Bungalow in Santa Monica! Let's face it, the samples in hotels can be blah. I remember the 1st time I tried them, after forgetting my body moisturizer & conditioner, I was floored. They were incredible! Apparently, Le Labo's scent "Rose" (which, in my opinion, is the best of the whole line) was designed exclusively for all of the Fairmont's. If you want to learn more about the brand, as well as their other scents, take a peek HERE! And I wish I got a better picture of the various lotions and body oils the other day. My hope is you get the point - ha! 

le labo


While there are SO MANY other products I adore, here is an additional list of some of my favorites:

I hope I have provided you with a little inspiration today! Here's to a little shopping, fun, and living a life #fit4you!


P.S. I promised I would showcase the coffee I am drinking! As a local roaster in Baltimore, I, hope, to have the pleasure to showcase this establishment in a little more detail over the next few weeks/couple months! Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company is a "fair trade organic coffee/coffee company that supports the Chesapeake Bay." When you add a splash or two (or three) of grass-fed heavy cream or half-in-half, you are in for a caffeinated treat! 

Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company


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