Do You Like Me a Latte?

Do You Like Me a Latte?

Do you like me a "latte?" ?Ahh, just kidding! At least it is #monday and a #holiday! Maybe you are on your 1st cup of coffee, or 2nd, or maybe onto a mimosa? However you are ringing in the week on this Labor Day, I hope you enjoying every minute of it! I am trying to pull myself away from the computer BUT there is, always, "one more thing."

On a different note - well, on the #coffee note - if you live in Baltimore, or will be visiting in the near future, you have to make a point to go to this latest coffee roasting company to hit the Harbor East scene - Aveley Farms! It was AMAZING! The service was awesome, the vibe is chill, and the latte made with almond milk was #fabulous.

You know coffee is so my thing, and I love when places, just like this, pop up because, #1 - they are so much better than your run of the mill chains and #2 - the story of how the establishment was started is always awesome to hear. Plus, drink local, right?

Janine Coffee


Here is a little more info about the company, and how Towson, Maryland native, Corey Voelkel, brought this "West-Coast style roastery" to Charm City! Oh, and if you want to learn more about coffee, in general - i.e. roasting profiles, tips on brewing the best coffee at home, coffee processing, direct trades, etc. - than their website is a MUST to check out! 

"Aveley Farms Coffee Roasters started 3 years ago when I moved to San Diego. It started with a cup of coffee I had from my local roaster that was sourced directly from a small farm in Guatemala. This cup opened my mind and senses to a world of coffee I never knew existed. From this, my passion for sustainable, direct trade, and high quality coffee has grown into an obsession.

This led me to purchase a home roaster in 2016 along with 5lbs of green coffee and I began roasting. At first it was a hobby to home roast and have fresh, high quality coffee every morning. Shortly after, I began sharing with family and friends and was encouraged by the feedback on the quality and taste of the coffee. This eventually led to educating myself on all things coffee, the start of Aveley Farms Coffee Roasters, and the passion to deliver the highest quality coffee to the Baltimore Community!" (

Cheers to this first week of September, and starting it off on the right foot...with a BIG OLE CUP OF JAVA! 



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