How Was Your Easter Lockdown?

How Was Your Easter Lockdown?

Happy Easter Monday! I hope you had an amazing weekend filled with family, fun, and TREATS! Yes, while it was a different one, for sure, I was able to spend it surrounded by my parents where we had some deep conversation over cocktails and made some YUMMY food!



While I tried my hand at a Mezze platter - yes, the cheese & charcuterie took a backseat this time - we all had a hand in creating the most delicious lamb shank, potato & onion au gratin, and roasted asparagus. This, also, included a day filled with lots of bubbly and some of my favorite vino from Caymus Vineyards!

Lamb Shank   Au Gratin


Yes, I know, no pictures of the asparagus BUT I promise they were really pretty and yummy! Oh, and the bakeware was non other than the fabulous Le Creseut!

On a different note, I know I have made mention to this before but, regardless of how busy I seem to be (now more than ever), there is still a LOT of time to think. Do you feel that way at all?

Sure, I think about where I am in life, my 2020 goals (eh, that may have to be redirected a bit), those who have come into my life that I feel I have lost a connection with, reminiscing about "this time last year" or "remember when," when I am going to get my next paycheck (yes, more sleepless nights), and yada, yada, yada.

BUT one of the biggest questions right now is - "what will I do differently when the dust settles and we, slowly, start to get back to normal?" And I am not talking about hair, mani/pedi, waxings, or continued social distancing, hand sanitizing/washing your hands (come on people, this should have ALWAYS been a given), etc. Oh, and the beauty regime will be a given too.

I am coming from a place of "where will I focus/continue to focus my efforts, personally & professionally; what relationships will I continue to trust and foster when, as of late, these connections feel lost; how am I going to be a better version of myself; how am I not going to stop harping on the past and, instead, focus on present and taking care of myself."

Some food for thought and maybe I should not be too serious on a Monday! Here's to a brand new week to do some amazing things, even if it is in the comfort of your own home, with loved ones, in your pajamas. Hey, you never know what million dollar ideas could come out of all this, right?

So, if you are reading this, THANK YOU and feel free to say HEY, send me a message, share in my thought process (ha!), etc. And, in case you forgot what I looked like - kidding - here is a little Easter selfie in my new "Cate Classic Tie-Dyed Buttondown" from Anthropologie which kind of looks like an Easter, right?

Janine Selfie


PLEASE, stay healthy & safe!


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