Everyday I am Brusselin'...

Everyday I am Brusselin'...

Happy "Black Friday," "Rise and Grind," "Get the Best Deals" kind of morning! Ha! Honestly, there are only a handful of places that I like to keep my finger on the pulse with when it comes to discounts. Plus, isn't it true what they say that most of the deals come pre-Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Actually, I headed downtown earlier today to attend a "First Look" at one of my favorite athleisure stores - Lululemon. Let's just say, I am not cut out for the craziness (hence why I am back on the blog)!

Anywho, hope you are waking up this Friday feeling excited for the start of the weekend, the HOLIDAY's, and, definitely, NO GUILT from yesterday. I mean it - NO GUILT. While the name of the game is to treat every Holiday like it is just another day - I mean, come on, can't you have turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc., any time of the year? - it is just ONE day.

If you felt like you over did it a bit, okay. No big deal. 

Own it and move on.

No restricting, or doing crazy amounts of exercise.

Just get right back on track with a plan that is Fit4You. 

I mentioned in yesterdays post that I can take or leave Thanksgiving food. Full disclosure - the bubbly/vino seemed to take center stage. No, not my proudest moment but the food of it all just was not floating my boat. What I was digging, though, is a dish that I have made time and time again, tweaked here and there, and, well, just love it so freaking much!

thanksgiving Brussels juli Bauer PaleOMG


My spirit animal (ha) Juli Bauer of PaleOMG has an AMAZING "Thanksgiving Brussel Sprouts & Mushroom Gratin" recipe that will even have those skeptical about Brussel sprouts wanting a 2nd helping. Believe me, I have been a witness to this. LOL. Plus, when you put them in cute baking dishes from Crate & Barrel, how could they NOT be inviting?!?!

thanksgiving Brussels Juli Bauer PaleOMG


Hungry or still in a tryptophan coma? So pumped there are leftovers of this dish! And, if you want to see, EXACTLY, what makes this side so incredible, check out Juli's BLOG today! 

Cheers to the weekend!


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