Friday Favorites: Did You Get Everything on Your List?

Friday Favorites: Did You Get Everything on Your List?

Happy Friday love! Hope your week has been filled with family, friends, loved ones, and the spirit of the season. I cannot believe it is the end of the week. I think back to this time, last week, when I was sitting amongst the palm trees and sunshine of SoCal. And, here I am, sitting on my couch, recovering from a 24 hour stomach bug and trying to catch up on a whole lot of work that has fallen by the wayside. 

With Christmas behind us, here is the question I want to ask you...did you get everything you wanted on your list? Were you wrapped up in Janine Serio by any chance? Hey, before you get all weirded out, did you happen to look at what - or should I say WHO - is on the wrapping paper?

Janine Wrapping Paper


Now get it?!?! Ha! Okay, now that we have that one covered - omgosh, another FUNNY - did you get everything on your list? If not, it's totally cool! I am here to help you! Well, I wish I could give some free stuff away BUT, instead, I am going to let you know of all the deals that are going on RIGHT NOW (or, if no sale, what I think you need to snag). And, if you did not have a chance to check out all of my "Friday Favorites" that I showcased over the last few weeks, you can get all the scoop here! 

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Friday, December 20th: ACCESSOR-WHAT?

I hope this helps you! Gosh, I kind of want to go shopping again! Ha! Here's to an awesome weekend ahead, and the last one in 2019! :) Cheers!


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