Rose All Day, and Feeling More and More Like An Influencer!

Rose All Day, and Feeling More and More Like An Influencer!

ERRRGHHHHH, I feel so bad it is Thursday and I am just getting a blog post to you! Every week, I think things are going to feel easier but, instead, things feel a whole lot more WTF. Oh well, such is life, right, and busy is good! 

Anyway, how are you love? Are you living your best life and doing what is #fit4you? It's hard to believe we are on the heels of Labor Day Weekend. I will be honest, I am kind of ready for the Fall. Not only is it the kick off to the Holiday season BUT the weather is, finally, starting to feel like SoCal. In fact, Baltimore has been having some pleasant weather for the last week, and I have been loving every minute of it! 

Today was filled with lots of pictures, rose (I cannot show you those pics quite yet), and feeling more like an influencer every single day. While still an uphill climb, I am starting to get the traction that I have wanted for so long and I am ridiculously excited for what is to come! So, what can you expect over these next few weeks? 

- The latest FALL fashion from some of my favorite shopping venues

- 4 week series that talks about the best tacos and mezcal in Baltimore and D.C.

- A little fun at "Vino In Vogue" in Harbor East, followed by a "Meet and Greet" at Ouzo Beach.

- A "National Food Expo" that is #fit4janine 

- A fashion-inspired night at Greenspring Station for their 3rd Annual Fall Fete

- A French inspired dinner party showcasing some of my favorite recipes and cookware

- How to "surprise" your grandfather with a 90th Birthday Party

And well, so much more! 

Okay, peacing out right now, and I promise more to come (just did not want you to think I forgot about you)! Time for me to hit the sheets and get prepared for another day of getting glam. And probably more "rose all day." 


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