The Most Amazing Avocado Toast EVER!

The Most Amazing Avocado Toast EVER!

Errmygooooshhhh, I cannot tell you how much I fell back in love with this restaurant! Seriously, the last time I was here was on the evening before the Marine Corps Marathon and, well, for all my 26.2 groupies, you know the feeling the night before race day. Oh, and I mentioned in a previous social media post a few days ago that I am coming out of running retirement too - can you believe it - but that will be mentioned in all its glory for another day.

Founding Farmers


Back to food - and good vino! I was super excited to head back to Founding Farmers in D.C., post an on-site corporate wellness class that the company I co-own, 2 Health Nuts, teaches on New Jersey Avenue. I remember being told about this restaurant a few years ago (I think almost 10 to be exact) by a client who kept using the terminology "farm to table." If memory serves correct, this was the start of the "movement," and, ever since, more and more restaurants are bringing their own spin to this concept...which I freaking LOVE!!! If you want to read their FULL story, you can check it out on their website. It is worth the read!

FF Inside


Today, I am recapping the lunchtime fun that was had here last week. With 9 locations to choose from in the Maryland, D.C. Virginia, and Pennsylvania areas, hopefully you can get to one SOON! I mean, it is so popular, especially the one I visited on Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C., that there was a wait for lunch (and this was at 1:30 pm). Apparently, it is like that everyday! Doesn't my face just say it all (and their bar is pretty chic too)?!?!

Janine FF


OOHHH, and another major score, starting today, until August 18th, it is D.C.'s Restaurant Week, and this winner is on 'da list! Wait, excuse me, it's the "Metropolitan Washington Restaurant Week." I, definitely, do not want to be called out on that one. LOL. 

The vibe is fun, loud, and, I think, continues to evolve as being a super trendy place to hang and "nosh." Eh, I really don't like that word but that seems to be what is coming to mind. I am going with it! Whether you work in the area, make it a destination (like I did), or are touring the city and stumble upon it as a place to regroup and refuel, it is, for sure, a people watching place too. If it was bustling at 1:30 pm, I would love to see the crowd at night.

As far as decor, what comes to mind are colors of yellow, orange, gold, and green, with a pop of silver, wood, and a beautiful marble granite. Depending upon where you sit, you will find something "new;" from the decor of a golden tree nestled in the center of the restaurant, artwork on the walls by local artists and artisans, a wood-exposed "A-Frame" ceiling to cover industrial piping to make it look like you are sitting in a barn on a farm, ceiling fixtures and lamps that give off soft, cream lighting with a bit of a twinkle, and, even the various animal sculptures that are strategically placed around, there is just something FUN about it. See what I mean? And, if you sit upstairs, the 1/2 round booths are so 1950's. 

FF Wine


Let's start talking about the food! First, their list is so extensive that, if you cannot find something that you like, I am sure you could have the kitchen whip up something fabulous for you...but I really do not think you are going to have that problem. While their breakfast and brunch menu looks RIDICULOUSLY yummy, I was there for lunch so their "lunch & dinner" menu is what I chose from. Everything you could imagine they have - starters, soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, handmade pasta, HOT DOGS (ha!), meatless options, "from the range," seafood, a host of sides, and, of course, their signature dishes, which include chicken pot pie and chicken and waffles - BOTH that I saw at tables opposite of mine. Phew, long sentence. The burgers that were being whisked by looked mouth watering too.

To start, one of the items they showcase is their "Homemade Farm Breads" that are offered with 5 different spreads. Generally, I am not a bread gal, and I try to stay away because it does not make me feel the best, if you know what I mean. But, this looked too damn good NOT to try, and I chose 2 different spreads so I could mix. These included the "Avocado Toast" with lime & EVOO, and the "Prosciutto" with fig, mascarpone, and balsamic. When I say this was like nothing I have ever tried, it was like nothing I have ever tried. The bread was so UNBELIEVABLE, FRESH, and downright tasty, I could have devoured it all but I was holding restraint, and did not want to push it. I did scrape the prosciutto & fig off and placed on top of the avocado. Sinful, probably, but so delicious! 

FF Farm Bread


WAIT, before I get to my main course, you know I didn't have just water, LOL! Their spirits & wine list are pretty incredible too. And while I did not get a cocktail - all ingredients (including the booze) are made from scratch - I did enjoy a couple glasses of Stag's Leap "Hands of Time" Chardonnay.  And now I really want to go back to Napa! I was so excited about this wine that I had to put more color on my lips in the process. It took me a couple minutes to wonder what that speck of pink was in the picture. OMG.  

Janine FF


Okay, back to food. Now it was time to decide on what I wanted as a main course. Coming off being in California, I was on a fish kick so that is what struck my fancy. Again, they were super accommodating, and allowed me to mix and match sides. I chose the fish of the day, which was a sockeye salmon, and had it prepared "Meuniere" style per the waiters recommendations. This included butter, shallots, garlic, and lemon, and served with mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies. I, kindly, asked to switch out the mashed potatoes for the butternut squash risotto that was calling my name, alongside a broccoli and asparagus combo. Mind blowing! Ha! FYI: There are 2 other options for preparation, too, but, I have to agree, this was the best choice! 

FF Main Course


By the way, how FUN are these plates too, even though they aired on the side of a little "country" for me, it did have a modern pizazz to it. 

Such a fun afternoon hanging out in our nations capital, enjoying good eats, and walking out full and content before dealing with the "oh so fun" traffic. Plus, it did not help that it became a monsoon which makes everyone become crazy drivers. Definitely a spot I will be heading back to SOONER, rather than in the next 5-6 years, like this last time. And, as I mentioned, it is the start of the "Metropolitan Washington Restaurant Week," so this is the PERFECT opportunity to check it out! For more information, you can find it HERE!

Happy Good Eats! :)


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