Friday Faves: Colors, Cobbs, & A CNBC News Anchor!

Friday Faves: Colors, Cobbs, & A CNBC News Anchor!

FINALLY, FRIDAY - AH, what a week is has been! Feeling a little behind the eight ball today too. After dealing with a computer "crash" post updating my operating system, and then a FULL day of pictures (3 outfits, lunch and dinner out, lots of wine), I am freaking SPENT! At least we are headed into the weekend...and, although, there is work involved (there is ALWAYS work involved), at least it will be somewhat low key.

Although, are the really EVER "low key?" That is just like say "what is normal?" 

This week was a mix of business, and business travel, specifically to the D.C. area where pictures for the upcoming Christmas season took place. Here is the funny thing - the pictures where not intended to be for the Holiday season but my outfit, coupled with the venue in which was chosen, just seemed so on-point! Some will be used now, like the picture you will find in the bottom left hand corner of the collage (below) but the others will have to wait. I did give a quick sneak peek on social media this week if you happened to see. 

One of the best parts of the week - being asked if I was one of the news anchors on CNBC. Ha! Wow, I have arrived! In my defense, I do not watch CNBC so I am not really sure who I am being referenced to, or if it was a different local/national news station but, I will take it! Plus, this same business owner showcased me in her #instastories as having a #heartofgold. Omgosh, LOVE IT! Said business owner's digs can be found, may be the very place where I am sipping on a fabulous horchata!

Okay, enough of me babbling. Let's go shopping! Muah! 

Friday Faves


Oh man, COLORS are "poppin" bottles in my wardrobe right now, and HOT PINKS well, what more could a gal ask for than her signature color? Here is the 411 - some of these items I will be showcasing come December so, only here, will you get the SNEAK PEEK prior to the unveiling. See, it pays to read all the way to the bottom of a blog post, right?

This week, my favorites include some amazing clothing items BUT, also, some places you need to travel to get 'da goods! 

Top Left Hand Corner: Belted Coat with High Collar from Zara (Fuschia) & the Nikita Embellished Neck Fitting Top by Ted Baker (Navy)

Bottom Left Hand Corner: Mixed Embroidery Drapey Top by J. Crew (Ivory); Dome Crystal Statement Necklace by J.Crew (Turquoise Cove);  Jory Metallic Clutch from Anthropologie (Copper); Horchata from The Ministry D.C.

Top Right Hand Corner: AMAZING "Lobster Cobb Salad" from the St. Regis Bar at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Bottom Right Hand Corner: Spirited Patchwork Pants Wide-Leg Pants from Anthropologie

Happy Friday! And, JUMP ON IT! A handful of these items are on sale right, and at ridiculous prices. Geez, I wish I was patient enough to wait it out. LOL! 


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