"Friday Forecast:" Pucker Up Buttercup & Do It With a Twist!

"Friday Forecast:" Pucker Up Buttercup & Do It With a Twist!

Now, THAT is quite the title! Happy Friday love, and 'Tis the Season! Yes, yesterday may have been Halloween but doesn't that seem like a distant memory? Imagine this - it RAINED in Baltimore, and it RAINED hard. My Dad is, currently, traveling, so it was my Mom and I celebrating the ghoulishness. Did you know, Halloween is my parents Anniversary? Yes, cheers to 38 years! Just amazing! And it brought up the discussion of being TREATED - get it - with respect. Something that I will be talking about in an upcoming blog post. But, for today...

Kicking off November 1st with a NEW SERIES that will take us up until "dun dun dun" Black Friday! Please, I LOVE IT. I am calling it my "Friday Forecast" - a SNEAK PEEK at some of my "Favorite Things" that I will be showcasing. I have even gone so far as to packaging them together to create the unique gift experience. Plus, these are all items that are "Fit4Janine" too!

The only catch? You will get all the specifics starting November 29th, and even some new items added to the mix too! For now, it is about putting together your list, and checking it way more than twice. You got time! Ha!

First up, how do you "pucker up?" Don't read into it TOO much...I mean, what is your go-to lipgloss, lipstick, lip stain, etc.? We all have our go-to's - colors and brands - but isn't it cool when you score a new look or when you are recommended a new brand by someone? I have been so fortunate over this last year to work with a handful of makeup artists who have opened my eyes to the world of foundations, eye palettes, blush, bronzers, setting powders, etc. 

Janine Lipstick


THIS lipgloss, in particular, captured my attention, and I have been smitten with it ever since! And, with a price point of $30 per tube, it makes for a great gift for the glamazon who has everything! You can even purchase mini versions in a set of 3 (like I have pictured here) that would make for the perfect stocking stuffer. Priced at $25, you can pick from warm or cool shades; the trio I have is COOL, and the color used on me for photos was "Pale Fire Nectar." That name is just bitching, huh?

But beware: "Mother’s conjured the ultimate in luxe lip paraphernalia, bound to elicit soft core seduction as unforgettable as the searing memories, passion and pleasure of first love." This is the very tagline from the artist, and the very reason why this will be packaged as "A Night of Romance." 

Next up, we all know that I love a good martini - straight up, or on the rocks, with a twist! And, while Grey Goose is my signature, there is a company out of Austin, Texas (is this a giveaway?) that makes an infused lemon vodka that is a real treat! Distilled 10 times, made with real lemons, sweetened with real cane sugar, gluten free, and made in small batches, pour this over ice, in a frozen glass, and squeeze/adorn with a fresh lemon.

Janine Laugh


If you were not puckering up before, you will be now...again, do not read too much into it! I am talking about the tartness upon first sip. What were you thinking? Oh, that is right - always DRINK RESPONSIBLY!



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