"Friday Forecast:" I Am 'Blown' Away By All These Beauty Products!

"Friday Forecast:" I Am 'Blown' Away By All These Beauty Products!

Is Friday yet? Oh wait, IT IS Friday! Ah, how was your week love? Productive? Inspiring? Possibly relaxing? I am, for sure, in a work hangover right now. No (real) complaints but I am just TIRED. My Mom asked me yesterday when I am going to slow it down. My response was "when money starts rolling in the door...and maybe Sunday afternoon."

The past 2 nights have been late - Wednesday included an all day corporate wellness event in Tyson's Corner, followed by dinner and a late night airport pick-up. Last night I had the pleasure of being invited to Style Magazine's Annual "Big Bash" followed by getting some lifestyle pictures taken. This year, though, the magazine turned 30, and, well, they did it in STYLE. More on this to come NEXT WEEK! As for pictures, I cannot wait to see the "I feel like a zombie with dark circles under my eyes but I am in a really expensive dress and need to showcase it the world." Ha!

Okay, here we go! On to my "Friday Forecast" and, honestly, they are BIG giveaways. To be fair, I am not giving you all the details so I guess you will just have to wait until December! 

First up, my hair. Yes, my hair. I always get the best compliments about how beautiful - and thick - my hair is BUT it is a pain in the ass to wash, blow dry, and style. If I could have my hair done by someone every day, I would be one happy gal. Since that is not the case right now - ONE DAY - there is a line of styling products, hair tools, and a DRY bar (yet, you can get a glass of champagne) that I am absolutely obsessed with. I mean, look at this face!

Janine Dry Bar


Just like that Holiday gift box behind me says, I am, definitely, crushin' on this line of hair awesomeness. #Iamblownaway

Next up, let's talk skincare! Another thing that I get touted for is my skin. Funny, I went through my puberty years, and even after, where my skin was a hot mess. I have always been into taking care of my skin with the best products (for which I could afford) but the one thing that is against me is how sensitive I am to EVERYTHING. On the bright side, my Polish genetics, and seeing how my Dad's side of the family is aging, I may be in good hands. 

So, yes, I am a little OCD when it comes to what I put on my face. While not needed to get the desired clarity, suppleness, brightness, non-congested, non-dry, non-red complexion you would like, I get facials and glycolic & chemical peels on the regular. While my consistency has not been as great due to my schedule, when I am ON POINT, I am religious about getting one every week. And, luckily, my biz manager is a licensed Esthetician who I credit my skin looking so picture worthy...although I am a dedicated morning and evening cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, and moisturizer, etc. Okay, mind you, I am human and, sometimes, this is not always the case. Oh, I should mention I use a facial scrub a handful of times a week, and a cleansing brush with my cleanser daily. Sometimes a recovery sleep mask goes on at night too. 



Next month, I am going to be giving you more details about the line of products I use, included my go-to daily regime with the Swiaa company that I am showcasing in this picture. Not only has it been a game changer in my life - I have been using it for the last 6-7 years - but it is a high end line that most people (estheticians included) are not familiar with. 

AND it is super fabulous when I need to take off a day's worth of picture perfect makeup, which is my third "forecast" this week. While this picture shows various brands, what I am touting is the monthly subscription for which I purchase from. My hair and makeup gal got me interested in this monthly service, as well as a whole different world when it comes to makeup, and I am freaking hooked! I mentioned, yesterday, in my Instastories that I received over $530 worth of FULL SIZED products - none of this sample size shit - for only $58. FYI: Candles not included - just makeup, face products, and hair care. Ha!



Phew, are you excited? I know I am! 'Tis the Season - geez, you would think it was already December by the way everyone is already decorated! 

See you next Friday! Happy F-ING Weekend! #yassssss


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