"Friday Forecast:" Chill As *%$#

"Friday Forecast:" Chill As *%$#

Gosh, time is just FLYING! How is it Friday, AGAIN? That's easy; it has been 7 days since the last Friday and a LOT has happened in between. Well, I say a lot but it has been more of that "busy but not productive" kind of feeling. You know, the usual. Ha!

Okay, this weeks "Friday Forecast" is short and sweet. Frankly, some may find it boring BUT I find them to be kind of fabulous especially with my active "chill" lifestyle! Well, maybe you will not find it boring should you prefer NOT to guess what I am showcasing every week, although some have been easier to figure out than others. 

This week, I want to take a little advice from my blog title and try to get "chill as *%$#." These are some of my "go-to" items when I am on the move, headed to the gym, or just want to be in chic athleisure WITHOUT being in those good old spandex.

Hydration is key and, speaking of "keys," what is more annoying that not being able to find your keys at the bottom of your purse. Plus, the damn key rings at the gym are so TINY and so not conducive to that keyless car entry device. Just sayin...

Okay, let's see how many times Janine can say the word KEY. 

Corckcicle + Key


Seriously, I am smitten with these two items, and they will make the PERFECT stocking stuffers. In fact, while I will keep said brand a secret - come on, it is written plain as day, LOL - I have other products from this company that are just fantastic! And, really, they are perfect for the person who has everything in their life! 

Oh, that little beauty that has my keys dangling? It was one of Oprah's favorite gifts - I believe last year - and it has been a "find the keys in my purse" game changer. 

Finally, I have shared these before but I just LOVE them (and are wearing them as I write this post). As I mentioned earlier, if you are looking for athleisure-wear that does not have you feeling like a sausage 24/7 (ha ha), than these are a MUST. Comfy chic, and all different styles to choose from! 



The purse? Well, while I will not be showcasing this for the Holiday season, you still should grab one. Because everyone deserves to have an MCM in their crossbody collection!

Don't you think? ;) Happy Friday!



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