"Friday Forecast:" Accessorize Yourself!

"Friday Forecast:" Accessorize Yourself!

You know, just like the Madonna song "Express Yourself." Funny? No? Kind of? Throw me a bone - ha. It's FRIDAY, and I am headed into the weekend getting more photos and video content AND get a little loose on the dance floor. My cousin is getting married this weekend and OMGOSH, not only do I feel old but I still see him as a young boy. This is, definitely, not because he acts that way by any means BUT I grew up with him. My Mom watched him for some time when he was young, and he always was "my boy." Now he is going to be a married man....ah, so crazy how fast time goes! 

Just think, this time next week, Thanksgiving will be a distant memory, AND the shopping season will be in FULL force. Although today is the last day I am giving you a sneak peek of my go-to gifts this Christmas/Holiday season, starting next week, you are going to get the exact details on EVERYTHING I have shown over the last month. 

And, besides NOT being funny (according to some people), I feel like I have not done a great job of being secretive. I cannot help it; I LOVE sharing, shopping, and I wish I could buy one of everything for YOU, my loyal fan and follower. One day...:) 

Today, I am talking about all of my "go-to" places to grab some amazing accessories. It should come as no surprise as to where I get most of them. Maybe these pictures will be a HUGE giveaway. If not, I talk about this establishment A LOT. 

Janine Steps


Clothing aside, I love this place for their handbags, hats, jewelry, scarves, and even their housewares/bedroom section. Yes it can be expensive - it's all relative though - they are, constantly, having weekly deals. In fact, I just touted that they were having 25% off all pants recently. My recommendation will be to sign up to their email list (not giving it away, LOL) and be one of the first to know. 

Janine Look Down

Although this can be a one stop shop, I do have to tout another company with whom you can purchase from online OR find in your local boutiques and department stores. The necklace I am wearing in this picture is an absolute FAVE, and I get so many compliments on it. While I define it as more of a "choker," its description is on point..."multistrand beads that spotlight your face and neckline." A statement piece for sure! I have worn it with numerous looks - casual, dressy, etc. - and, seriously, it showcases differently every time.

Janine Bauble Bar


Again, just one of the many items I have. Their earrings are super cute, fun, and they always come out with something bitching for the Holiday's. YASSS! I cannot wait to show you what is in store (literally)!

Okay YOU, hope you have enjoyed and get ready for next week. I will take the stress out of your shopping so you can get it one and done! 

Happy Friday!


FYI: Interested in learning more about everything I have "Forecasted" for the Holiday's? You can view them all below!

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