Friday Round-Up...Come On California!

Friday Round-Up...Come On California!

Can I just say that I am so HAPPY that it is the start of the weekend. I mean, this has felt like the longest week EVA, and I am not just saying that because I am about to head out of town on Sunday. You know what they say - you feel like you are getting "punished" on the front end and back end of jetting away for a few days in preparation and follow-up. Geez, I don't know how people who are not "somewhat" organized do it. Maybe they have less stress, and just say "fuck it - whatever gets packed, gets packed." I wish I could but...

It is super nice that you can work from anywhere this day and age, and one of the things that I constantly remind myself when it feels like the work and monetary struggle is REAL & getting old. Plus, talking to my computer most days and hours of the week is quite enjoyable too. Ha. I recently mentioned in an Instagram Stories post that I am in a SERIOUS (and I mean, serious) relationship with my computer. Now, THAT, would be an awesome tag line for a dating profile, right? Speaking of geeking out on computers, I just downloaded "Chrome" on my MAC and HOLY SHIT where has this been all my life? I thank my fabulous marketing team for telling me to back away from Safari and get with it. Plus, my blog looks 10x better in this view!

In addition to it being a long week, my body and overall health is still in a total uproar. Seriously, I have not felt like this in who knows how long (if ever). I am so flipping tired all the time, regardless of how much or little sleep I am getting, constant headaches, I am swollen & puffy, my joints hurt, my eating is BLAH, my ankles are fighting back, my skirts and pants can barely fit over my hips, butt, and thighs right now, I am not very lean, and my stress is, definitely, NOT Fit4Janine. Luckily, I have a doctor's appointment when I return home from California and, hopefully, blood work will be in order. Let's just say, I will be asking for it (which is so not me). I said to my Mom earlier today, "while I loathe getting blood drawn, please take however much is needed to figure out what is going on!" Could it be that my thyroid medication needs to be tweaked, is there an imbalance with my estrogen levels, do I really have "chronic inflammation," Lyme's, AHH!?!? Oh, and if I am told that this is because I am now "older," that will not be a good enough answer. 

I made the decision to go get worked on by a gentleman who gave me a massage about a month ago. In fact, I wrote about this unbelievable establishment post my visit. Remember my FLOAT experience? If not, make sure you check it out HERE. Anyho, Kent, the FABULOUS massage therapist, gave me a custom massage like no other. When I first saw him, I remember him saying that he could really help get my body back to fighting shape, especially a nerve issue I have had with my right arm since right before going to college. So, I booked a 1 hour CUSTOM massage with him where he simply worked on both my ankles, right arm, and a little on my left. When I say it was "like no other," I meant it. It was a "hurt so good" to the "nth" degree. I mean, he had nerves working that made my fingers go numb at times. Totally normal but not what I have ever experienced during a massage. 

Prior to starting, I asked him to give me his honest opinion about how frequently I needed to see him. Money aside - yes, need to build into the budget - my body & health are my life, business, and, dammit, I just want to feel better. He gave me some great tips to do at home but his biggest suggestion was infrared sauna as much as possible. While I knew it was great for detoxification, it works wonders for inflammation too! Looking forward to taking advantage of the hotel's sauna next week, as well as getting some lymphatic drainage from Shape House too. Additionally, he wants to see me next Saturday, upon my arrival home, in which I will sauna, prior, and then a 90 minute custom massage. Don't you worry, I will keep you posted!

While it is a whirlwind of a weekend - especially tomorrow - I did want to recap all that happened this week, and that was showcased on my Social Media. I don't know, thinking I may do a weekly "Friday Round-Up" series but we will see. I send something like this out to my weekly newsletter crew (currently "under construction" while I switch servers and get a BOUGIE email template approved) but you can still sign up HERE

So, what went down this week?

  • I hope you saw my quick Instagram video I showcased that gave you a sneak peek as to what is coming up for me this month. If not, check it out HERE!
  • Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to dine at an AMAZING restaurant in Frederick, MD called Volt. Have you been? If not, I highly recommend you plan a special night to experience the culinary expertise of Bryan Voltaggio. Yes, you read right! Read all about my night HERE. 
  • I subbed for my business partner at one of our corporate jobs in D.C. on Tuesday. Right next to the building where the class is hosted, is a super cute and hip coffee/wine bar, The Ministry, that, literally, is Fit4Janine. Shades of pink adorned their cups, suede chairs, flower arrangements, and, I mean, COFFEE and WINE! How divine! 
  • If you live in Baltimore, specifically the Roland Park area, I have been frequenting Johnny's and LOVING their amazing Fall Cobb salad. Come one, you know you want to see the FOOD PORN.
  • Finally, one of my favorite home goods stores in Baltimore moved down the corridor to their NEW SPACE! Omgosh, it is just beautiful AND you may just see a video tour from yours truly in the next few weeks. I was lucky enough to get an invite to the soft opening on Thursday evening, where I snagged some pics for you to check out! 

Here's hoping I have some more exciting content on the Blog next week and, of course, feeling a little bit more like myself! Have a wonderful weekend! Chat with you from 30,000 feet, and from sunny (I hope) Santa Monica, California!


Janine J Crew Santa Monica


P.S. Absolutely LOVE this picture from the talented Violeta Meyners. Seriously, how has this (almost) been 2 years? My fondest memories of being in Santa Monica for 6 weeks - the 1st time - and, finally, feeling like I was getting back into my power! 

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