Friday Night Vibes...And Gearing Up for the "760!"

Friday Night Vibes...And Gearing Up for the "760!"

Okay, how good are you with area codes? Does the wallpaper in this picture (if you can see) - which I LOVE by the way - give you any indication as to where I am headed on Sunday? I have mentioned it a couple times on Social Media this week, and even, here , on the blog, BUT, just in case, I am off (again) to sunny California! Don't be jealous! ?

This time, though, I am headed to beautiful Palm Springs! Earlier this week, I chatted about how I was going to be participating in one of the largest conferences for influencers and entrepreneurs - The Altitude Summit. While I am, definitely, a little nervous, I cannot wait to immerse myself in all things "Fit4Janine" for the next 5 days. And, to quote my marketing team again, "your goal is to make as many friends as possible!"

My main goal in the next 24 hours is to pack! I am falling WAY behind on being proactive with this! I guess it feels like I just unpacked...

Real quick, if you have been to Palm Springs, and can give me any recommendations on places to check out, let me know! You know I love a good cocktail and meal!

My current status, though, is not so bougie. I am in my loungewear, in front of my computer, and icing down my legs and ankles. Yes, the inflammation and edema is real people, and I am doing what I can, holistically, and medically, to help the cause. Nothing like a doctor's appointment this week to hear a scale weight that was, in my opinion, not registering. Seriously, my lifestyle has not changed that much with the exception of going from more low impact to high impact exercises. There has been such an upswing in the past 4-5 months - I mean, I know I have not felt great for awhile now - that it was decided to put me on a diuretic to see if that would help decrease the swelling, puffiness, and overall water retention while, possibly, balancing my hormone levels. Blood work in 2-4 weeks to see if my thyroid meds need adjustment, or if there is something else going on right now. 

And, let's take a wild guess as to where all of this is stemming from...stress, more stress, a bout with birth control, AND spraining my ankles. 

This has been the most bizarre, and complex, serious of reactions my body has ever had, and it f-ing sucks! When I had my MRI's done back in February, one of the things it resulted in was showing "chronic inflammation" and "scar tissue" in both of my ankles. I have googled ALL of my signs and symptoms over the past few weeks and this seems to be the common denominator:

"Acute inflammation is one that starts rapidly and becomes severe in a short space of time. Signs and symptoms are normally only present for a few days but may persist for a few weeks in some cases." FYI: Acute inflammation is good; it's the body's immune defense. Without it, infections, wounds, breaks, SPRAINS, etc. would never heal.

Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, "can last for several months and even years if the body fails to eliminate whatever was causing an acute inflammation or an autoimmune disorder that attacks normal healthy tissue is mistaking it for a pathogen that causes disease."

*While I like to think of myself as a doctor - no, not really, "Medical News Today" has been one of my go-to sources for information, as well as about 100 other sites.

Holistically, though, I am using essential oils, using a sauna and getting massages on the regular, icing, and totally changing up my workout routine. Once I get through this next week of travel, I am going to concentrate on more of an anti-inflammatory diet AND I don't think I can wrap my head around intermittent fasting for 16+ hours. That was something else I was recommended. I already do about 12 hours; and when you place a limit on my eating window that just feeds the whole mentality of "all or nothing." Just my opinion. I know it works a great deal for many, and endocrinologists are touting it big time but still...ugh. This may be one of my last lines of defense. 

The moral of this story? Maybe my body just needs a few more days in that California sunshine. LOL. While that will be nice, although I will be working, the moral is to never underestimate how smart your body works. Obviously, my body is giving major push back and I hope I start to feel like myself in the next few weeks/months.

I mean,  I need to be on top of my game if I am to be a "force to be reckoned" with in the influencer, world, right? 

Keep you posted on how this goes, and more on my trip will be COMING SOON! So much content I will be bringing you! Cannot wait!


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