What Does It Mean to Be A Girl Boss?

What Does It Mean to Be A Girl Boss?

And, just like that, it is THURSDAY! Hope you are having (nothing short of) an AWESOME week. Although it has not be quite as busy as last weeks whirlwind of FUN, I still manage to fill my days, and be in bed before most (ha!).

I am waking up this morning coming off an amazing day that was filled with a lot of laughs, fabulous friendships, and a dream team that is going to make "Janine Serio" and "Fit4Janine" a force to be reckon with. You have my word on this one. Yes, another video is in production and, "WOW, it was more action than I have seen in a really long time" (or maybe not). I guess you will just have to wait and see!

Coming off days like these, it makes me really take a step back and think about what it means to have your own business, build a brand, manage a team of people and, well, just be a fucking GIRL BOSS. What's interesting is there are those who absolutely LOVE when that "title" is used - actually, I was just recently told how awesome it is that I use on a consistent basis - and then you have those who like to call you out on Social Media.

I remember this happened with a client who basically told me "who do you think you are calling yourself a girl boss and how that has to be one of the most ridiculous terms ever." Basically, she felt it was degrading to the female professional. 

Wait, I am a girl (okay woman), who is her own boss, and, yet, I have view this a whole hell of a lot differently.

Yes, I am paraphrasing (it has been some time now) but it has always stuck with me. Was it hurtful? Sure but, when you put yourself out there in "social media land," you are always going to get those so-called "trolls" (and even clients too). I think, though, what it did was help me to reflect on the piece of "what makes it so ridiculous?"

So, I did what most people do in this era - I googled the expression.

"What am I missing?" 

And then it dawned on me...

We all choose our career paths in life based on so many factors. Some of us dabble in many jobs before finding the right FIT; some know from the very beginning and just fucking go for it from day one. Whatever your path, stay in your lane and navigate accordingly. No right or wrong; JUST YOU!

When someone has to call you out for using an expression such as "girl boss," maybe what is "ridiculous" to them is the fact that they are so miserable in what they are doing, and are so freaking jealous of what YOU are going after and trying to accomplish. In fact, these very individuals are the exact OPPOSITE of what it means to be a girl boss...and, no, it doesn't solely refer to women who own their own business or for those who just want "1,000,000 followers on Instagram." Give me a break!

A "girl boss" is someone who is confident, capable, strong, yet vulnerable, fearless, yet cautious, and, most importantly, AUTHENTIC. You are navigating your pathway to success, whether you work for a big Fortune 500 company, a small, independent "Ma and Pa" store, or for yourself. 

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And, if you prefer to say "woman boss," "man boss," WHATEVER, go for it! Own it. Stop with the rigidity; it's just playful and fun. Life can be way too serious already! 

Here's to getting after it on a Thursday, and just doing YOU! 


P.S. If you really know me, and have been following along in my journey, you know I am one of your BIGGEST advocates for doing what you love and going after your fucking goals...and crushing them!

Like a girl boss, woman boss, man boss...and MIC DROP! 

P.S.S. Styled by Lululemon & David Yurman

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