Going With the Flow...And Why I Canceled My California Trip This Week!

Going With the Flow...And Why I Canceled My California Trip This Week!

Hello my loves! Okay, I feel a little funny that I am posting this under my "coffee talk." It really should be under "wine down" since it is WAY past happy hour, I am on my 2nd glass of chardonnay and, well, how is it almost 9:30 pm! 

Couple that with not sleeping - yes, I was up at 1:00 am looking for new bedroom furniture on my phone - and I think this weather has me in an absolute funk. It's been rainy, dreary, and just downright miserable the last 48 hours. And, I think the other thing that has in a bit of a "slump" is the fact that I am sitting at my dining room table and NOT sitting at one of my favorite places - "The Bungalow" at The Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica!

You may have already clued in to the fact that I have not been giving my usual “t-minus so many days” until I am back in Cali update. So, yes, even writing this has me in a bit of a funk, and with a chip on my shoulder BUT, at the end of the day, I knew it was the right thing to do. 

Okay, now I am pouring myself a 3rd (maybe a 1/2) glass of wine at this point. Ugh, what a day! 

It was right before Labor Day weekend when I made the decision to cancel this week's trip. I was coming off a whirlwind 5 weeks of travel and festivities and, well, as much as I LOVE my time in Cali, the thought of living out of a suitcase, and spending money that had been spent 2x over last month, just seemed a little too much.

I am exhausted...and the credit cards are exhausted too. 

This, actually, happened to back in April too. Generally speaking, I plan my trips out a few months in advance. Now that I have the "luxury" of staying at one of the best hotels in Santa Monica, I am not worried about finding a place via AirBNB. Talk about a stressor amongst so many other things!

The lesson I learned from that decision was the one thing that needed to give was ME! If if doesn't feel like it is working, and it is too much of a stressor, then listen to your gut and go with that feels the best. And, what you will come to know about me, I am ALL ABOUT going with my gut! 

This go around, I knew I needed the week to feel "normal," not be worried about the financial piece of traveling, and just take a moment to breath, although that seems few and far between. So I went with the flow, did not even think twice, and canceled my trip. 

Both myself, and the company I co-own, 2 Health Nuts, have invested so much money in giving me the opportunity to travel every month, continue my education, and be in a place that makes me happy. And, yes, while I am super bummed that I will have to wait another month until I see that gorgeous sunset, or walk along Ocean Avenue, grab coffee/drinks at some of my favorite places, and even shop along 3rd Street or Montana Avenue, I am trusting the process. I am exercising my flexibility to change on the fly and not be caught up in the “this was my plan; my plan to go to California every month to work on me and the business.” 

Life happens, and it is how you navigate accordingly. 

California will be there next month, and then the following, and then the following. Until then, I will continue to trust my gut and my instincts; there is a reason why the stars are aligning this way. And, as a good friend and coach simply put, “strap on your seatbelt Janine and go along for the ride." 

Have a wonderful week! 


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