Guess What Day It Is?

Guess What Day It Is?

Current Status: Wine, a "room service" cheese board, sushi, and wondering WHY social media is being a PIA. Ugh. For some reason, I have had an issue with Instagram all day, and it is driving me crazy! FYI: Apparently it was down for most people while they were "updating." Umm, give us influencers the UPDATE too!

The saving grace is that the wine is REALLY yummy (a sneak peek of what I have been consuming is below), and the sushi was on point, although there are no pictures of this! So sorry! Hungry and not the prettiest of presentations. 

                        Silver Ghost     Dragon's Tooth


Real quick, last nights dinner at BOA Steakhouse in Santa Monica was AMAZING, and I, even, had some of the leftovers to enjoy today. Brussel sprouts with bacon, filet mignon, and smashed broccoli (yes, smashed broccoli) was fantastic!

                Brussels   BOA Filet  Smashed Broccoli


Today was another busy WEDNESDAY (yes, GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS?!?!) - work, walking, the Santa Monica's Farmer's Market, breakfast at Urth Caffe, shopping, walking, sunbathing, and more work. I even opted to stay in tonight because, honestly, I am just spent, and trying to win the "Instagram/Social Media" battle. I am thinking that is not going to happen.

As much as I have FOMO of not being out & about, and going to all my favorite spots here in Santa Monica, I, also, know they will still be there the next time I come. It is nice to just enjoy the hotel (and my room). Sometimes, you just need to take a time out, consume a lot of vino (ha), and just do your own thing! And, as my Mom said earlier today, just do you, no judgement, wear what you want, drink what you want, and life a life Fit4You!

Oh, and Instagram, when you FULLY decide to cooperate, please let me know!


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