"He's Just Not That Into You"...

"He's Just Not That Into You"...

It never fails; this movie ALWAYS seems to be on when I arrive in California. Side Note: Don't you just love this profile picture (for what you can see)? Thank you snapchat! Okay, I cannot resist, here it is in all its glory!

Janine Serio Martini Fairmont


My routine is usually check-in, eat, then unpack (or vice versa) AND I will put the TV on to have some background noise/company. Low and behold, yesterday, when I, actually, checked in, "The Holiday" was on (my favorite movie to watch around Christmas) and, today, "He's Just Not That Into You." I think when I I was flipping through the channels, among flipping through my emails, I even said out loud "of course it is!"

But, somehow, I ended up clicking on it. 

One of the lines at the end of the movie, though, struck me more so today than ever. And, honestly, I was half listening the entire time - between doing my hair, makeup, and answering emails/social media - but it went something like this:

"Knowing that through all the broken hearts, through all the blunders and misread signals, through all the pain and embarrassment, you never, EVER, gave up hope."

And I could not agree more. 

Whether it is in your personal life or professionally, know that there is something greater out there waiting for you. Yes, it is hard to see the "forest for the trees" when you are going through shit, or wondering when that next big break will happen, BUT, keep putting yourself out there. As scary as it feels - good God it is scary - you just need to do it. Take that leap of faith and keep the train moving. Believe in yourself, what you have created, and WHO YOU ARE.

As I sit here, in one of my happy places, sipping a yummy Cabernet, and overlooking palm trees and a sunset, I am reminded of that even more. There is something about being here, in California, that just inspires me. I feel productive, I get excited about the possibility of "what if," and it makes me work even harder (and I think I work pretty damn hard) to get me to where I want to be in life. I work, workout, walk, work some more, go to all my favorite restaurants, work even more, go to Happy Hour, etc. It feels effortless. It feels FUN. And THAT is what I want for this next phase of my life. 

Today has been a fabulous day thus far, although I do not know how it is already (almost) 7:00 pm. Time goes by too freaking quick! I woke up, grabbed coffee, caught up on emails and miscellaneous work, headed out to a fitness class at Basecamp Fitness (luckily it was all low impact), ate at an AMAZING healthy restaurant called "The Hive," walked a TON, did a little sauna action, more work, got in a stretch (yes, you read right), and, NOW, I am sitting here and blogging my ass off. Ha! It's all good; I mean, the ambiance, cocktails, and the material just seem to be flowing - literally and figuratively. 

I do want to highlight 2 things from today though - the post-workout fuel I consumed AND the stretch that I got in this afternoon. The restaurant, "The Hive" is the "place to BEE yourself." From acai bowls, bone broth, and healthy bites, to smoothies and elixirs, this was a GREAT place for a post-Basecamp Fitness class. I had been there once or twice before. I know I had stopped in before & grabbed a protein bar and a smoothie on 2 different occasions but, today, I wanted to check out something a little more substantial. I decided on the "Protein Bowl" which consisted of hard boiled egg, avocado, feta, pesto quinoa, kale, cherry tomatoes, almonds, cilantro, and chicken.

The Hive Santa Monica


It was FOODGASMIC - I so want to recreate when I get home - and I, also, had a coffee with homemade almond milk. Oooh, I felt great and my body was happy. 

Later in the afternoon, I made my way to my "home away from home," Montana Avenue, grabbed a quick snack of chicken meatballs & Brussels with a side of bubbly at R&D Kitchen (love this place), then headed over the the Stretch Lab for my 50 minute, full-body stretch. This is my 3rd time here, and the longest I have stretched (usually 30 minutes) and it was STRETCH-TASTIC! You used to be able to pick from 30, 45, and 60 minute stretches but, now, you have the option of 25 or 50 minute.

Stretch Lab Santa Monica


The 50 minute session is their deeper and more extensive stretch that focuses on all major muscle groups, plus extremities like the lower leg, foot and ankle, neck, arms wrists and hands. An ideal option for anyone struggling with tight muscles, aching or stiff joints. This head to toe stretch will leave you relaxed and lengthened. It was a perfect way to round out my day!

Boy, do/did I need some relaxation and lengthening...:) LOL!

Anyho, here's to a Monday of living a life that is Fit4You...and not giving a damn that you are enjoying every glass of wine you are consuming! Cheers to a fabulous week! Make sure to stay connected with me on Instagram and Facebook to continue getting all the Cali scoop!


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