Does Packing Ever Get Easier, And "Wear" You Can Find My Travel Looks!

Does Packing Ever Get Easier, And "Wear" You Can Find My Travel Looks!

Do you feel you are a horrible packer? And by "horrible" I mean, it does not matter how frequently you travel, you still overpack? You would think after being a "seasoned" traveler for the last 2 years, I would have this down pat. 

Umm, yeah...RIGHT. 

I wonder if it is this fear of missing out? That "OMG what if I want to wear this outfit and I DON'T have these specific shoes?" Half the time, I don't wear most of what I bring because I end up buying a whole bunch of stuff while I am away. Again, fear of missing out...what happens if they don't have said items when I get back to Baltimore? Crazy, I know! 

This latest trip to France was not that way - only handbags and a wallet - but, when I travel to California, FORGET IT. I really should pack 2 sets of clothing, some workout/athleisure attire, 2 pairs of shoes and call it a day. Side Note: If you cannot already tell, I am not good at repurposing my pieces. I end up sitting or kneeling on my suitcase to close it when I leave anyway, praying that I get someone nice at Southwest's Curbside Check-In who will waive the heavy bag fee. 

Before I left for my European excursion, my Mom really encouraged me to write down, exactly, what I wore. While more for future reference, I thought it would be a great idea to share, here, as well! If you are planning on traveling - in the U.S., Europe, or wherever your heart desires - I hope this will be of a little help.

My outfits were based on a food/wine retreat, with workouts, lots of walking, biking, and hiking sprinkled throughout. I was there for a total of 7 days, 6 nights, with the weather ranging in the low 60's during the day, and upper 40's, low 50's, in the morning (always with a cool breeze). I will say, this is not too terribly off from what I would take with me to California too. 

Enjoy love!


P.S. While I like to pay full price - please note the sarcasm - there are MANY of these items that are on sale right now! Major score! I have linked those for you; the items not linked means they were "so last season" or it was repurposed on another day so the link is only showing once! Muah!

Travel Day: Plane & Touring City

- Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 25" Full On Luon in Black

- "We The Free" Clarity Ringer in Brightest Orchid

- Nike Cardigan 

- Khloe Genuine Calf Hair Espadrille Flat

                            Janine Serio  Janine Serio


WOW, holy jet lag in the picture to the right. What a look! Ha!

Travel Day: Dinner

- Free People"Margate Pleated Trouser" in Sugar Kelp

- Ribbed, Cream, Short Sleeved Mock Turtleneck from Anthropologie

- Distressed & "Bedazzled" Denim Jacket from Bloomingdales

- Kate Spade "Caliana Slide Sandal" in Roasted Maize/White Canvas

Janine Serio


Day #1: Traveling/Touring

- Athleta Contender Blossom 7/8 Tight in Bright White

- Athleta Sundown Sweatshirt in Sage

- Saucony Freedom Iso 2 in Black

Janine Serio


Day #2: Workout

- Lululemon Wunder Under High Rise 1/2 Tight in Black

- Lululemon Swiftly Tech Short Sleeved Crew in Vintage Pink/White

- Saucony Freedom Iso 2 in Black

Day #2: Wine Tasting/Touring

- Anthropologie "Globe Trotter" Joggers in Navy

- "We The Free" Perfect Tee in Heather Gray

- Top Shop "Sudette" Biker Jacket in Olive Green

- Kate Spade "Caliana Slide Sandal"

                              Janine Serio Janine Serio Wine


Day #3: Workout, Bike Tour, & Hike

- Lululemon Wunder Under High Rise Tight 25" in Luon Arrow Jacquard Battleship Silver Spoon

- Lululemon Swiftly Tech Short Sleeved Crew in Bright Green

- Athleta Sundown Sweatshirt in Sage

- Saucony Freedom Iso 2 in Black


Day #4: Traveling & Wine Tasting

- Free People "Palo Alto Boot Cut" Jeans in Golden State

- Anthropologie "Cyrus Top" in Terra Cotta

- Dolce Vita "Shan Platform Wedge" in Saddle Suede

- Leopard Print Scarf

Janine Serio


Day #5: Sightseeing

Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 25" Full On Luon in Deep Marine

- Free People "Stones Tongue Tee" in White

- Lululemon "Always Effortless Jacket" in Black

- Saucony Freedom Iso 2 in Black


Day #6: Travel Day

- Same outfit from "Travel Day Dinner" but sans jacket

- Straw fedora hat & orange, yellow, and black floral scarf from the Lafayette Department Store in Paris. Wish I could find online but this picture will have to do! This was after a 7+ hour flight, standing in the longest lines in Paris and D.C., and FINALLY in the car on the way home! Oh, and maybe I was a little hangry too. Almonds and champagne will only go so far!

Janine Serio


My FAVORITE Cross Body Bag that kept me staying bougie for the entire trip - MCM "Visetos" Original Pouch in Cognac!

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