How is "Re-entry?"

How is "Re-entry?"

And these were the very words that came through my phone via text this morning. My response? "Nothing that a couple cups of coffee and a pep talk will not help."

Ahh, here is to Tuesday, missing my Cali life, BUT, hitting the ground running with all things "Janine Serio" that need to happen this week, next week, the coming month, rest of the year, etc. My current status includes waiting to get my hair and makeup done, and, hopefully, get these bags under my eyes to be gone! Yeah, hello going to bed at 2:00 am East Coast time! 

Something I did want to quickly share with you, and one that I had made mention on my social media feeds earlier today.

Social media- you either love it, REALLY dislike it, or are trying to navigate it from a business sense. And that means growing some thick skin. I made mention over social media yesterday that I left my Calif "life" and cried in my Lyft all the way to the airport.

This is real life, and I don't know how to express it anymore than what I share with all of you. While most of what I put out there is happening in real time, - the good, the ugly, and the "wtf, when is something going to give" - some has to wait until I feel ready to post.

Personally, I have been through a divorce, which has rocked my world; professionally, I feel like I am being strung along and, at times, made to feel that something is for not; and so on, and so on. And I put this out there for you to see...because I am human, and it is not just about capturing a pretty picture with my hair and makeup all done up.

For me, it is much more than that.

Yesterday was one of those days where, every time I turned around, I was being called out by someone for something, and it just got to me. Here I am, putting my life out there for the world, and it comes with negativity, judgement, and, early this morning, a "you are 100% fake, get the f%$# off social media." I don't understand it but this is the nature of the social media beast. Honestly, I did not know if I was still half asleep when I was reading it. I should have challenged it, but, that is not where my head is right now. It was easier to delete the comment and just move on. It may go against what I wrote a few days ago about "being ballsy" (although no longer in California) but I want to to come from a mature, professional place - not one from a "how could you be so mean?" 

It sucks at times and, believe me, as I sit here, with my coffee in hand, I wonder how this is bettering my life? When I ask myself that question, though, my heart says this is what I meant to be doing. It's just about navigating the course right now, and one that I will, continue, to do.

Happy Tuesday, and, to all of you, do what you love, do it with integrity, and whole lot of class! ❤️Now, time to get my rear into gear, and get moving! 


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