How "Nutty" Is That?!?!

How "Nutty" Is That?!?!

Happy "Thirsty Thursday," and CHEERS to being 10 days into those New Years Resolutions!

Insert eye roll emoji OR stare lovingly into your computer, like this picture, and hope the weekend gets here just a little quicker...

janine pose Lululemon


I know, I know; I shared earlier this week that I would NOT be be talking about "THIS" type of subject matter on Fit4Janine BUT, I have felt so compelled because not only is the 2 Health Nuts website still "Coming Soon" and because I seem to hear this EVERYWHERE I go right now!

And I have to sound off on it!

So, I ask again - "how are those so called "resolutions" going?" If I had a dollar for every person I have run into, overheard at the gym, and even discussed with my own clients (I know, GASP), talking about which "re-set" program they are on right now, and comparing it to all the other crazy diets out there, I would have no debt and I would be wearing Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, etc. every damn day. 

Yes, while this is all in good fun - and I, hope, you are not finding my commentary offensive (kudos on wanting to make that lifestyle change), if you, ALREADY, are finding it hard to stay on the bandwagon, it doesn't surprise me one bit. So many of us want to do a complete 360 in ALL areas of our health and wellness initiatives because we THINK that is what is going to yield the best results. 

Plus, we want that instant gratification too! Am I right, or am I right? :) 

I wish I could say it worked that way but it doesn't. Instead, we "white knuckle" our way through, become downright miserable, and, ultimately, become super discouraged, throw in the towel, and end up right back where we started. This year, I want you to make a COMMITMENT, not a resolution, to yourself. Focus on the effort and the intentions you set to reach your goals. 

Consistency over time - yes, OVER TIME - is what will be the difference maker. You will enjoy the process, learn a lot about yourself & your lifestyle - especially when it comes to your fitness and nutrition - and it will become that much more automated.

The biggest piece - you will SEE RESULTS!


No more resolutions or diets, or feeling like you are "weak" or a "failure" when, 10 days in, you cannot keep the pace with the "resolution" that you set. 

No, it is not easy, and yes, there is work involved, but how much better will you feel if you are watching yourself slowly, and progressively, reaching and achieving your goal(s), rather than feeling like that perpetual "yo-yo" that is making you feel beyond discouraged?

With the coaching that I do at 2 Health Nuts, I cannot stress THIS piece enough - when you put in the work, and start learning about "what works" and what does "not work" for your lifestyle, you will, FINALLY, have the tools and resources that are "FIT4YOU" to keep it up and keep it going! No right or wrong; just what works for YOU! 

I mean, how freakin' cool is THAT?!?!

Just like I started, CHEERS to living a life that is ALL ABOUT YOU, and learning the very aspects of "what works" for YOU and only YOU!  

See ya later resolutions...and stay posted to when 2 Health Nuts goes LIVE! Don't you worry, I will keep you in the loop! If you enjoy reading posts, just like the ones I have posted this week, and MUCH MORE, you will love checking out the 2 Health Nuts blog on a weekly basis. So much juicy content on all things fitness, nutrition, and mindset! 



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