To All My Frenchies...I <3 "Vin"

To All My Frenchies...I <3 "Vin"

I know, how proud are you of my French vocabulary?!?! Ha! Finally, Wednesday...this has felt like the longest week EVA. AND, I am so excited to share that my "fleet" of French wine from Burgundy just arrived on Monday!

But I have no one to share it with! Boo! Woah is me, right? I guess I will just have to throw a dinner party now! Anyway, take a peek at these beauties...

French Wine


As I mentioned, not only did I, recently, go to France for a little work - seriously, I did - BUT it was a food and wine retreat that had us sipping, swirling, and tasting some pretty AMAZING wines. The biggest education I received, and where these wines were purchased, was from a winery in the heart of Beaune called "La Cave de l'Ange Gardien" ("The Cave of the Guardian Angel").

Owned by a husband and wife, I do not think I have met anyone more passionate & knowledgeable when it comes to wine than I did that day! While I am not sure, exactly, how long we tasted for that day - I do remember it started at 10:30 am - I know I was totally schooled with what I "thought" I knew when it came to wine. Meaning, how to go about tasting it.

It's about drinking, while thinking and appreciating (come on, when was the last time you did THAT), the "nose" & taste test, looking at the color to get an idea of its maturity (i.e. the paler the wine the younger it is), the "rings" and the "legs" to identify sweetness and "fatness" (well, I kind of knew this one), AND, most importantly, NEVER SWIRL. Did you know that, by doing this, the alcohol rises to the top, and the flowers and notes sink to the bottom?

Totally laughing right now because I really am NOT doing a great job of explaining all of this but, hopefully, you get my drift. What was cool is that we did a blind taste test of 3 whites and 3 reds, and then the liquor and sparkling were an added bonus (we consumed individually, and then splashed together). Can I just say, THIS will be the dinner parties signature drink! So flipping AMAZING.

Back to the taste test. As we tried each one, we needed to write down what we smelled, and tasted. We were, then, suggested the best foods to pair with them. Once we got through all 3 varietals, we had to rate them based on "I prefer, I like, or I don't care for/like." This was, also, a test to see if we lean more towards a wine drinker or a label drinker (basically, "like what we like," or "like what we like with a price tag"). 

Can you take a guess at the ones that I chose? Yup, I like what I like, and they were the most expensive as well. Did you think anything less? Ha! So, without further adieu, here is what I chose to purchase and a little description of each. Oh, and price not Euros and, well, not really the point here. LOL. 

Wait, real quick, here is a REALLY fun fact. According to the French, you should drink Pinot Noir with "fattier" foods because it counteracts with the fat and, literally, BURNS IT OFF. Umm, kind of UNBELIEVABLE, right? I guess I will have to do a trial run of this! 

Cheers loves!


Chardonnay: Chassagne Montrachet (2013); 13.5% alcohol

  • White wine made from red wine soil (limestone & clay)
  • Called the “anti-divorce” wine due to the alcohol content
  • Great with dinner – grilled scallops/lobster – or as an after dinner wine
  • Notes of darker amaretto, “spicy,” gingerbread, spiced rum, apple, caramel


Pinot Noir: Beaune Montagne (2016); 13% alcohol

  • Ruby colored; early harvest
  • Has a very cabernet-esque body/taste *clutch for me since I gravitate more towards Cabernet's then Pinot Noirs
  • Great with leg of lamb, cheese, or chocolate cake
  • Notes of cherries and peppers


Sparkling: Dom Vincent

  • Great as an aperitif, or with a brunch, light lunch, or even dinner
  • Pairs beautifully with the Crème de Cassis liquor


Liquor: Crème de Cassis

  • Can be sipped alone as a post-dinner drink
  • Splashed with Sparkling wine/champagne
  • Drizzled over ice cream, French toast, etc.
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