I Think I Need More Bailey's...

I Think I Need More Bailey's...

Happy Sunday and, also, Cinco de Mayo! Can't you just hear the mariachi band coming around to your table while you wear a big sombrero and drink fishbowl size margaritas?!?! Ha! Tonight definitely calls for a little fun and some HEALTHY and CLEAN Mexican dishes (and, of course, cocktails too). I know, I need to get my party planning and recipe section of my blog a little more robust. I may just have to do a staged production this evening to get some good photographs. I can tell you that if you want a fabulous homemade guacamole recipe, adorned in a super cute mortar and pestle like dish, check out this blog post on what you need and where you can buy! 

Anyway, this weekend has seemed like another blur. Again, it's Sunday morning - and freaking raining (ugh) - the "honey do" list runneth over (funny, that honey do list was created by me FOR ME), and I am currently admiring what I pulled from my closet and what I purchased yesterday (OMG) for my upcoming travel next weekend.

And I am starting to feel a little better.

Why am I feeling better? I guess you could ask "why have I not been feeling well?" I talked about this last week in the email newsletter I send out to my posse on a weekly basis. On one of our morning "girl talk" walks, my Mom was sharing how she feels that everyone's life she see's on Facebook is "perfect."

"Everyone is fabulous, wonderful, no mess, no worry, LOOKS AMAZING, and on, and on. Ugh, why do I feel that my life is completely upside down right now?"

This is the on-going social media struggle. If I had to guess, more than 90% of people who use social media do not share the "ugly." It would be too raw. It would be too scary. Take a moment to think about what you are seeing posted day in and day out. A whole lot of "look how AMAZING" and not a whole lot of "wtf, I have been a hot mess for the last however many weeks." Don't get me wrong, this is not everyone BUT have you ever found yourself scrolling through your news feed and saying "don't they just have a horse shoe up their ass?" My hand is raised but I am also a firm believer that if you have to keep telling people how wonderful everything is 24/7, is it really "that wonderful?"

Yet, here I was yesterday, doing something that I know is so not "Fit4Janine;" and that is doubting and comparing. All of this was spurred by a local magazine that I, finally, had the chance to peruse, highlighting a gal within my industry with whom I have so much respect for, yet know her more in passing. After reading, there was a heaviness in my heart - I know, so emotional recently - that it made me want to find out more.

And so, the "Facebook'ing" began, all while knowing that I should not be doing it, all while sitting there saying "I think I need more Bailey's." One picture, leads to another picture, which leads me down that comparison trap. And it just makes me sad, and then has me asking the question - "why do we do this to ourselves?" 

What are we gaining from it? A whole lot of nothing, that's for sure, except some tears, rap music, and deciding to organize your closet for the 10th time. And, as I tried on different pieces of jewelry, and coordinated them with the outfits/shoes I will be packing, I reminded myself of this very quote - "Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing."

Because, as my videographer sent me an outtake from one of my recent VLOGS, "I am fucking Fit4Janine after all!"

Okay, off of the heavy stuff and now onto what I purchased yesterday! So I only needed a few "extra" pieces (so I told myself), and here is what ended up in my car after what, I think, was an hour of power shopping at the most. Trust me, I had already done the research and/or had my eye on these items for a bit. You can check out the links below!


1. I could not tell you the last time I stepped into Express; I mean, like 10+ years! BUT, it is getting a ton of traction among social media influencers (specifically in the fashion realm) that I had to check it out. These shorts are getting big time touted, especially among us gals who have that athletic build. These Super High Waisted Sash Tie Shorts are adorable, and can, totally be dressed up or down. I purchased in "soft white" and "chambray."

2. Free People is another one of my go-to stores if I am looking to add a little bohemian-funk to my wardrobe. Plus, I have found their jeans to fit me really well too #embracethecurves The Palo Alto Bootcut Jeans are super slimming, high waisted, and just so damn flattering. I have in "Antique Black," and just bought another color in "Indigo." I coupled this with some of their "We The Free" shirts - Free Time (Lemon Squeeze), Clarity Ringer (Brightest Orchid), On A Roll Bubble (Black), and The Perfect Tee (Pink Rose)- to wear with my various Lululemon pants, as well as give one of my high-waisted Anthropologie skirts a little bit of an edge. Oh, and how could I forget, another Stones Tongue Tee made its way to the register. 

3. Now for 'da shoes! And while I have been staying away from super high heels because of my messed up ankles, these Tory Burch "Frieda High Espadrille" in Blush Stripe/Tan are so fabulous! I coupled these with a super popular pair of the Sam Edelman Espadrille Flat "Khloe" in the Nude Leopard Calf Hair, and these FUN Jeffery Campbell Embellished Flats in Natural Silver Leather. 

4. Finally, a crossbody bag that could fit into my carryon Lululemon tote, yet hold all my essentials, was needed. I have had my eye on the MCM line for a while, so, when I came across this Visetos Original Pouch, I knew this was so Fit4Janine. Purchased in "Cognac," this versatile bag will be great for during the day, and then the strap can be removed for more of a clutch look. And just wait until you see what I have my eye on to purchase while I am away...because when in ???? ;) More to come! 

5. Oh, and while this really had nothing to do with clothing, I made sure to pick up my FAVORITE body lotion of all time - Kiehl's Creme de Corps - in the 8.4 oz to travel with and the 33.8 oz for home. P.S. This is, usually, on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July so, definitely, pick up 1 or 2 or 3 because the deal is fantastic! This year, it is July 19th - August 4th, so mark your calendar!

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