Attending Christmas Parties (and ANY Party For That Matter) Solo...

Attending Christmas Parties (and ANY Party For That Matter) Solo...

'Tis the season for family, friends, shopping, baking, caroling (ha - no, I do not do that), cocktails, wrapping, and PARTIES. Yes, PARTIES! Let me start by saying that I am so thankful and fortunate for being included in so many of my clients festive gatherings. It's always fun to see everyone out of their "element;" by element I mean I am, usually, seeing my clients in their workout attire and they are seeing me look the same way! :) I will never forget attending an event for a client who said "wow, you, actually, have a wardrobe outside of athletic wear."

I don't know, apparently I kind of dig the whole fashion thing! ;) Oh this may be one of those posts where the sarcasm comes in and out - bear with me. Just starting my 2nd cup of coffee (and it is not even 8:00 am as I am writing this piece).

It's been hard, though, - over the last 4 years - to muster up the energy and strength to attend these parties solo, especially when you do not know many people! It's always nice to have your "wing-man" by your side, just in case you are in that awkward moment of, all of the sudden, being by yourself and not wanting to look like the poor girl who is drinking and standing alone.

When I think back, it wasn't until 4 years ago that I had attended a party/event by myself. Solo. Party of 1. Prior to that point, I always had a "date," or was going with a group of people (because that is what you did in high school and college, right?). 

This was a huge step for me in my process, and feeling like it was okay to show up, just me, in #fit4janine "fashion" (literally), and just owning it. 

And while really hard - seriously, I was a nervous wreck/totally sick to my stomach for the 1st party I attended solo - it has gotten easier and easier every year. And, yes, this includes attending events/parties that are outside of the 31 days in December. 

Of course, I would love to have a man by my side to take with me to some of these fabulous festivities and get togethers but I am also OKAY with standing on my own 2 feet and doing it alone. It has brought a different level of confidence and, as I mentioned, it's another step in my process. Just like going to California for a week by myself where I don't know many people, or sitting at the bar getting a drink solo, or even eating lunch/dinner as a "party of 1."

I used to be SO SCARED to do this and, yes, while it still is scary, there is a different comfort level.

The more I do it, the more at ease I become and, frankly, I think it is pretty fucking brave to do ALL of this independently. I am not relying on anyone but myself - personally, professionally, financially, emotionally, etc. And, when Mr. Right does come into (or back into - crazier things have happened) my life, I will have an open heart and mind to share the wealth of what I have learned over these past few years that I have brought me to this place of "I can fucking do this." 

I mean, I am Janine Serio after all...LOL. Really, just kidding. 

Here is picture of some of my accessories, as well as my "dates" for the evening - introducing "Schramsberg" and water, ha! 

Schramsberg and water


I debated showcasing my beautiful Michael Kors dress BUT it is still in the works for a possible photo session so I want to keep it under wraps a little longer! Plus, the bathroom selfie was just not doing it justice. Oh, but this blow out from my wonderful hair dresser at Hair By Elite in Timonium, MD was car selfie worthy! 

Side Note: This sweater I am wearing got so much traction while shopping yesterday! Everyone who saw me asked if it was by "Rag & Bone." I have to laugh because while I do have the super expensive, and super nice, sweater in a darker camouflage (i.e. army green to be exact) from R&B, this one is NEW from Athleta this season, and I paired with a cute pair of leggings from Lululemon. Eh, I know, that is, probably, a fashion no-no (Lululemon vs. Athleta) but it worked for me! 

janine car selfie


Thank you Nordstrom for the adorable, sparkly clutch - it went beautifully with my lavender Badgley Mischka coat - and these gorgeous snakeskin slingback from Marc Fisher. 

Nordstrom accessories


Until next weeks PAR-TAY (OMGOSH, and going to California too). Happy Sunday loves! Keep doing YOU, working on your confident self, and just OWNING IT! 

Now, it is time for more coffee, a big ginormous omelet, and a much needed facial! 


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