Trending Tuesday: She Wore An Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie...

Trending Tuesday: She Wore An Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie...

Actually, I did not wear a yellow polka dotted bikini - the closest had lemons on it - AND I rocked a one piece a majority of the time too. Because, hello, TRENDING!

Wow, it is Tuesday already, and I am, STILL, in a travel hangover from making the trek back from St. Maarten. Yes, I say trek because they make you go through so many hoops at the airport AND when flying internationally, in general. Yikes. BUT, I would rather it be this way than a "whatever" approach. Am I right?

Today I am reminiscing about all the dreamy suits I wore while away for 2 weeks.  A little bummed not ALL of my suits were worn - I have a beautiful Tory Burch AND Marysia whose tags are still on, and the thong bikinis did not make an appearance either. BOO! I have tagged both the Tory Burch and Marysia suits; just click on the link above! My go-to "Rio Thong" is by L Space!  FYI: The Tory Burch 2 piece is this years print; mine is from last year - I know, with tags still on - and it is white and blue!

While some of my suits were new - even new brands to me as well - some were new, last year, and I mixed a match a lot as well! Love doing this, and it makes it so versatile! One company that, totally, is all about this is Albion. I was introduced to this brand when I was visiting a friend in Dallas last Summer. The prints are SO FUN and, for the individual who has an athletic body type, like myself, they are great! Plus, super feminine and do not look like "athletic swimwear." I really do not care for THAT. 

Alright, now for a little fun! You ready to get the deets on all of these suits? Let's do this!


Janine Bathing Suit


I got SO MANY compliments on this bikini top that I may have to purchase the cute, high waisted bottoms as well. Side Note: Just like the one piece, high-waisted bottoms are SO IN RIGHT NOW TOO. And, they hold everything in, and make your waist look so teenie tiny. 

This "Palmacea Caoba Bikini Top" is understated yet sexy as hell! The ruffle sleeve accent makes it super flirty, and there is coverage for just the right areas. Omgosh, so stinkin cute I cannot stand it! Why do I have to be in Baltimore right now? I love how flattering it makes the upper body look too - again, especially if you have that athletic look like I do! 

The scalloped trimmed bikini bottoms are from Kate Spade that I purchased last winter. They have a limited amount of sizes left but you can find the "Marina Piccoloa Hipster Bottoms" online! 

Janine Bathing Suit


Next up, another gem from Palmacea...and my Mom told me I looked like Farrah Faucet coming into the water. Wait, it may have been another famous supermodel. Regardless, super flattered and definitely wish I had 'da legs.

I will admit, I got super lucky picking this "Baudo OnePiece." It is, currently, SOLD OUT in cream, but you can get it in black which is super flattering too! 

I am not sure what I am more into; this suit or these mirror selfies. Ick, and I really don't love the selfie craze but you gotta do it, right? And these RayBan aviators get quite the photo time too. But oh so classy! Your thoughts?


Janine Bathing Suit


Okay, before there are any comments, YES, that is zinc on my face and chest. My plastic surgeon if certain areas get too much sun and I am kind of f-ed. I may have been the butt of jokes while away BUT at least I practice safe sun health. 

This suit is a mix and match but BOTH are from Kate Spade. See, this is as close to "yellow polka dots." I just switched them to lemons. While this is not in stock anymore, the "Fort Tilden Contrast Scalloped High-Waist Bikini Bottom" is still very much available! 

And this ridiculously cute red gingham headband - I also got one in my signature PINK color - is from the fabulous MC2 store in St. Barths. 


Janine Bathing Suit


Next, this super retro printed striped one piece with plunging neckline was another head turner! I know, I could have done a much better job getting the full picture - hey, the zinc, Ray Bans, and Lilly Pulitzer Fedora needed some love too - but you can see it all HERE! I have to say, though, the striped version of the "Brooklyn" One Piece is no longer available but you can purchase in 3 different solid colors or 2 printed versions. 

If you want to get in on the Fedora too, the version Lilly put out this year is even cuter! I love the pink gingham ribbon they use as opposed to the solid one! It's classy, fun, and flirty...all with a youthful twist!

And who does not love a the Classic Ray-Ban Aviator too?!?!

Janine Bathing Suit


Another brand that I have fallen in love with is Karla Colletto. Her line of swimwear is so classy, chic, and downright sexy. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this "Low Back Plunge One Piece" is so striking and slimming of course. 

Another two piece suit that I wore on an overcast/rainy day is another go-to because of its flirty scalloped edges AND neutral color - Chelsea Bikini from Nordstrom. Btw, while I cannot be purchasing a whole lot in the next couple months, LOL, there are so beautiful new suits on the Nordstrom site! 



Janine Bathing Suit


Okay, on to the company I chatted about earlier - Albion! I wore a few pieces from there different lines. My apologies on only showcasing this striped cutie BUT here are the ones I wore...

Note: Some of these are the same styles but with a different print or color! 

Icon Wave Crop in Aussie with Matching Ruched High Waisted Bottoms

Mint Checked Ruched High Waisted Bottom...paired with the striped top in the picture!

The only bummer? This style top is no longer available BUT they have many different "striped" styles to check out! You can view them HERE!

Janine Bathing Suit


Finally, this gem I purchased from Vilebrequin in sunny Santa Monica last August. In fact, I purchased, specifically, for this trip! One thing that I have learned about this fabulous French company - which I LOVE - is that if you see a print and/or style that you like BUY IT! They have lots of limited edition that come and go, quickly, and, once they are out, they are out baby! In fact, I saw a print and style back in December that was a collaboration with a designer and I said I would "think about it."

While away, I could not find it online anymore so, I called up the Santa Monica store, and, voila, they had and I BOUGHT. Because I needed to do that, LOL.

Hey, as I mentioned, I LOVE IT it; for the money you spend - suits are an average of $200 and up - at least you will not be seeing yourself in it and they are so classy and chic! 

I wish I could tell you this "Plunge Hatlerneck" in Watercolor Turtles was still available. It just recently SOLD OUT but I will keep my eye out on other FUN and NEW styles and prints for you in the coming weeks and months!

P.S. If you get the chance, take a peek at their site. Great story! 



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