Just Another Rainy Monday...Wish It Were Sunday!

Just Another Rainy Monday...Wish It Were Sunday!

Because, yesterday it was a SUN-day! 

I have to wonder if I should be calling this "cocktail talk" instead of "coffee talk." This is what happened last week; I ended up writing my Monday post in the evening, with multiple glasses of wine! Ha! Oh well, right? I will say I have been showcasing a LOT of coffee with collagen that I have been consuming via my Instastories and Facebook Stories. You will see what I mean in a moment. 

In any event, hope your weekend was filled with a little adulting - I mean, the laundry is not going to get done by itself - a lot of FUN, and, hopefully, some sunshine! It has been overcast/rainy for the last week in Baltimore, so it was a breath of fresh air to see the sunshine today. It's amazing what a little Vitamin D can do for your heart, soul, overall well being & MOOD! And getting a little bronzed is always a good thing - ha!
Today, not so much but, hey, at least this weekend was, right?
It's hard to believe we are half-way through September already. The Fall always seems to go by fast...and I don't even have kids! I say that because I remember all of those "back to school" vibes, activities, sports, getting acclimated to a new schedule, etc. Plus, I feel like I live vicariously through my clients who have young kids. Honestly, I think their schedules are crazier than mine! I don't know how they do it but, just like anything, it always seems to get done! 
Last week seemed like another blur, but was fueled by attending one of the biggest shows in the foodie world - the Natural Foods Expo East. It's a pretty big deal that Baltimore hosts the event, although it is moving to Philly in 2020 due to it out-growing good old Charm City. A total bummer but an excuse to check out the city of "Brotherly Love." Would you believe I have never been? I have driven through it, and been to a couple of the suburbs around it, but I have never done the downtown "touristy" thing. I mean, those steps that Rocky climbed are calling my name! :)
This expo was a great opportunity for me to get in front of some of the brands I enjoy, tout, and want to form a partnership with in the near future. I was able to connect with some of the movers and shakers in the food world and, well, the samples were off the hook. Remember what I said about the collagen? While I am a huge fan of Vital Proteins, I am interested in seeing what other products are on the market (hence why a different collagen protein has been showcased over the last few days).
If you want to hear about my experience, and all the loot I received, make sure to take a peek at the BLOG post I recently wrote. AND, if you have any questions on what I have shared, please let me know! Happy to talk with you about any/all of the products & supplements that I share and review. Believe me, it is so overwhelming with what is out on the market, and trying to navigate all of it can be that much more challenging!
Now that I am a few Deep Eddy's in - yes, martini's are totally trending in my household - I am going to switch gears! This week is going to be another exciting one; you will, definitely, want to stay connected to all of my social media platforms to see what is going down! I can say this much - it does involve one AWESOME Los Angeles photographer coming to Baltimore to capture photos for the 2 Health Nuts website & marketing material, as well as some more #fit4janine lifestyle photos. YES, 3 of my favorite things - hair styled, makeup done for me, and getting dressed up in some of my latest purchases! Oh, and I do like getting my picture taken but only when I am bougied (is that a word?) up! I know, serious problems! 
Here's to an awesome week ahead! Oh, and in case you missed it, make sure to check out my RECIPE page where I posed my FIRST recipe on the BLOG in honor of National Guacamole Day! Can you guess what it may be?
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