I Showed Up & Did My Best...Moving On.

I Showed Up & Did My Best...Moving On.

I would love to say that my morning cup of joe is alongside a gorgeous, sunny morning. Well, in the distance you can see it is trying to rise but we may be in for another overcast day. Good News: The sun was shining ALL DAY on SUNDAY, and it was a balmy (yet windy) 50 degrees. Bad News: Our Ravens did not look so good! But, just like everything - Birthday's, Holiday's, Anniversary's, etc. - they come around every year!

Yesterday's game was the usual for me - it was on in the background, and my Mom and I put out a lovely "game day" spread, meal prepped for our week(s) and just talked. We talk multiple times a day yet there is always something new - or something old being rehashed - to chat about. She is like my 2nd therapist! :) 

As my alarm sounded at 5:00 am this morning, I could have, definitely, laid there for another hour or two. NEWS FLASH - I am in a funky sleeping pattern right now. Ha! Imagine that! Good News: I am sleeping soundly for about 4-5 hours. I am wondering if the diffuser my business partner gave me to try is what is helping with all of this sleep bullshit. A couple drops of "Thieves" essential oils and I feel like my bedroom has turned into a spa. Bad News: I am up between 2:30-3:30, and then cannot back to sleep for another hour or two. Total Side Note: I watched the Pilot of the show everyone is talking about - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - and, I must say, I think I am going to be hooked!  

In today's case, I was up after 2:00 am and, if I had to guess, it took me about an hour and a half to settle back down. In the past, I have just gotten up, especially when my mind is swirling with, well, LIFE. One of my intentions for 2019 is to not only get my health on track - still struggling with this - but to, also, try my best to stay in bed, even if not asleep because, as my Mom says, "at least you are resting." The last few nights I have managed to do this, it just sucks when you have to be up early!

Speaking of early, while this is not the platform for which I will be sharing THIS kind of information, I felt it was a good opportunity to share with you my process, especially as we head into the 1st official week of January. And, by "THIS kind of information," I mean where I am with my exercise and fitness regime. You will find me talking about ALL things health and wellness at www.2healthnuts.com! Fingers crossed - our brand spankin' new website should be up and running SOON! 

First, and foremost, I walked out of the gym today saying "hey, you got up, you showed up, and you did it." Mind you, and this is by no means an excuse, I have felt like absolute shit the past 6-8 weeks. There is no other way to say it. Additionally, before that point, I was coming off a few months of Wedding craziness, lots of travel, and recovering from spraining both my ankles in June. So, if I have to sum it up, it has been a good 6 months of being "consistent," but not at the consistency and intensity that I am used to, THEN, throw in sleepless nights, feeling sick most days, eating being erratic, mood blah, the HOLIDAY's, parties, birthday's, and, well, you get what I mean.

Do I say "train wreck" or "human?" Both? YASSSSS....

Today I challenged myself to a 1 mile run. If my memory serves correct, the last time I did this had to be before the infamous ankle spraining which was the 2nd week of June. It was a slow ease back into running, and one that still plagues me to this day. I have resided with the fact that I will always have to deal! I wish I remember the exact time but it was, somewhere, between 6:30-6:50 minutes...I know, that is quite the range. It probably is more like 6:40-6:50. All of this was done on the treadmill too. Isn't it funny - take me outside and that time looks a lot different (i.e. faster), yet, I insist on the #dreadmill. 

Today I finished with a 7:05 minute mile.

Did I have a moment of "holy shit, I am going backwards?" Hmm, kind of.

Was it fleeting? Absolutely!

In the grand scheme of things, a 15-20 second difference really is OKAY. In fact, it seems minut, especially with all that has transpired over the past 6 months. And, who is to say that, if I re-tested this tomorrow, I would not be back in the range where I was back in June? So many variables can play a factor! 

Benchmarks are a great way to test progress over time but they can also be "mind fucks" too. Hmm, kind of like the number on the scale, right? Don't let them be your end all. Sure, I can place blame on the fact that I did not sleep well, or my stomach was its usual upset self, or I did not fuel well enough over the past few days, or I am still sore from Saturday's workout. 

Bottom Line: I showed up & did my best, and now I am MOVING ON with my day. I mean, how exciting is getting a cavity filled later this morning - ugh. 

Take the stress and anxiety out of needing to be "perfect," and constantly trying to out beat YOURSELF or others. Look at where you are in your process and be kind. I have been through a lot of shit, yet, I still did my best to stay in the game, even if that meant only working out 1 or 2 days per week when I was injured/in the midst of travel/hungover from Wedding craziness, and simply power walking instead of run. P.S. Power Walking is a bitch...do not knock it! I need to do more of it! 

As cliche as it sounds, do not let "perfect" get in the way of progress. The more you stress, berate, and try to push the envelope with what is authentic to you and your body, the further and further away you will get from reaching your goals. 

And, mic drop. 

Here's to a great week! Hope it is filled with a LOT of things Fit4You! 


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