Friday Fun: Let's Get Virtual

Friday Fun: Let's Get Virtual

Keeping it short and sweet today. Maybe it is because I have already poured myself a cocktail. Maybe it is because, well, I am fried from the screen time.

Anywho, are you ready to have a little "Friday Fun?" Well, a Friday Fun that may look a bit different than it has been over the last 8 weeks.

Does anyone else feel that they have been working the "social distancing" by doing FaceTime, Zoom calls, and a whole lot of computer/phone time? I feel like my life is looking a lot like this picture, and maybe not that bougie! 

Janine Computer & Phone


Are you ready to trade in athleisure & computers, for dresses & cocktails, as much as I am? I mean it is FRIDAY evening and WORK should NOT be happening! Ready to hear what is in store for me? I am working on a new project that I hope to keep on the books to launch in September. As with the last 8 weeks, I will just take it as it comes!

Love to know what you are up to, as well as how you are showing your #strongsassymom a lot of love this weekend! Cheers 🥂


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