When Life Throws You A "Normal" God Wink...

When Life Throws You A "Normal" God Wink...

Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating all things DAD! It, definitely, was a change of pace this weekend, and by that I mean doing something "normal." Although, what used to feel normal now feels a bit abnormal. Yesterday was spent getting together with family for whom we have not seen in, almost, 3 months. Yes, we did it outside, and were socially distant, but it just felt good to get dressed up and be social. Are you with me? Hope however you celebrated your Dad made you (and him) feel that way too! 

Real quick! The outfit I wore got a lot of "press," AND it can be found none other than at my favorite Baltimore boutique - Sassanova! While this is not the best picture (you cannot get the full benefits of the tunic), the color is just fabulous.



Plus, the link to Sassanova takes you right to where you can purchase. An awesome dress or tunic, and I will, most likely, be purchasing another one for myself and for my Mom! Because this has become my normal - SHOPPING. I will be showcasing this "Elysa Dress" by Madison Mathews in future pictures, as well as the super cute earrings, and necklace, that went with it too. If you took a peek at my Instastories yesterday, you got al the deets!

Okay, back to what I want to chat about today, and it has to do with being thrown a God wink now and again. I know Monday's, lately, I like to chat about martini's but this feels a little more up my alley today. And maybe it is because I just need to type it out.

As someone who struggles with perfection - seriously, it is an effort every day - I feel like there are times when I am just being told "stop controlling; let it go." This very thing happened to me over and over today and, well, it felt like a "normal" God Wink I needed to hear/see. Okay, maybe not see, but you will understand what I mean momentarily.

When Life Throws You A "Normal" God Wink...



My Mom jokes - "I did this to you and your sister" - but I, always, laugh and say "eh, I think it is part of our makeup." Honestly, though, I have always wanted PERFECT, and that has come with me not wanting things to get "messed up."

You know, keep the tags on my clothes as long possible because "omgosh, I hope I do not get a stain on them."

Be weary of anything NEW, like furniture or gadgets, because I want to keep them looking fresh! 

Ah, I love my new car BUT it is a beautiful pearl white with a cream interior. What happens when it gets its first scuff mark on the interior, or you can see wear and tear on the seats? P.S. Scuff mark has happened and there are some black marks here and there on the seat. Please, what do you expect Janine? You are spending a lot of f-ing money a month to drive your car. ENJOY! 

While I could go on, you get my drift.

This morning, I woke up to a computer that was acting funky. Of course. I saved all my documents, shut down the computer, and proceeded with the latest computer updates. Mind you, the last time this happened, my last computer got totally messed up. Luckily, that was not the case but a file I had worked on became "corrupt," and, now, needed permission for me to view. WTF, I am the owner! 

Next, with a shortage of good quality toilet paper, my bathroom plumbing has been shitty. No pun intended. So, today, like the last couple days, I had to deal with a clogged toilet. There are a lot of things I don't like to do, and plunging a toilet is one of them. Ugh. Ick. I need a man. Now, that seems desperate and not very nice. I am kidding BUT dear future husband, please take the lead on this! 

Then, when I had been playing catch up from re-doing the corrupt file - which ended up being uncorrupt - I go to place my water on my desk coaster, only to walk away and have it go EVERYWHERE. I mean, computer, desk, frame, wall, carpet. Uh huh. Luckily, water; more importantly, my NEW computer. I had this happen one time before and it messed up my screen and, who knows, it could have been the issue withe the computer hardware too. 

Bottom Line: I can be beyond careful, and do everything right, and things STILL HAPPEN. Water still spills, toilet gets clogged, files get corrupt, food drops on your new outfit, your car gets some wear and tear, etc. It happens. And it is going to keep happening. 

And, sometimes, you need that reminder in your life to say "your right." Just enjoy, stop stressing, and live your life. 

Talk about needing to make this my mantra! 

Here's to a new week, and, WOW, we are flying through June! Hope it is a great one for you and here is to happy hour. Yes, I need it for sure!!!


P.S. Speaking of happy hour, make sure to check out the series I am doing this month on "Wine In The Summertime!" You can check out my latest post HERE! 

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