Live Your Best Life...Even If It Gets Messy!

Live Your Best Life...Even If It Gets Messy!

Man, going out on a "school night" really messes with you the next day. LOL! Yesterday was my Mom's Birthday, and that meant pre-dinner cocktails, a FUN night out at one of Baltimore's trendy Mexican restaurants, and then post-dinner vino. Here are some super bougie pictures of me and the Birthday girl...

                                              Janine & Kim Janine & Kim


I spent a good portion of my morning away from my computer, including social media, and grabbing some fresh air. I needed some space to breathe and reflect. Do you ever just have days like that?

During one of our conversations last evening, my sister responded to one of my comments with "you know, just living my best life." While I hear that term A LOT, it really struck a cord with me. So, I googled the term and found a site that shared "101 Ways to Live Your Life to the Fullest." I know, cheesy, but I scrolled through anyway and asked myself "what does it mean to live MY best life?" 

And I kept coming back to THIS --> Living my best life means ME, in the raw, being true to myself, and not worried about how messy things may get (or even look). Please, we all have our shit! If I have learned anything in my 33 years and, more recently, over the last couple, it is to meet situations and circumstances with understanding and a level head, even if you feel hurt, disappointed, betrayed, etc. 

Living my best life not only means living a life that is "Fit4Janine" but remembering we are all human, we make mistakes, we do stupid things in the heat of the moment, and so on. Some come with consequences, and some fuck with your feelings and pull at your heart strings, BUT most come as a learning experience.  

A learning experience that provides growth, strength, and another reminder of what you want in life. And, in the words of Andy Grammer "this is just a journey, drop your worries, you are going to turn out fine."

But you got to keep your head up...


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