#musthavemondays Lordy, Lordy I Just Love Nordy!

#musthavemondays Lordy, Lordy I Just Love Nordy!

Happy Monday, and OMGOSH, tomorrow it is 2 weeks until Christmas! I felt like there was all this time and then, just like life, it starts zooming by. My goal before the weekend is to have all of my shopping complete, especially before I step on the airplane next Sunday. I want to go into next week feeling organized, wrapped, and can just enjoy my time away. The only problem that I seem to run into is that when I done, EARLY, I tend to want to buy more or, what do you know, I buy more for myself. I know there will be one or two items I will wait to buy in Santa Monica but as long as everything else is complete - what I have is wrapped and ready to go - then I will be golden!

It has been a bit of a running joke in our family that we are trying to have a really "small" Christmas due to all the money that was spent over the course of the year with my Sister's Wedding. Hmm, I am still trying to wrap my mind around small - I mean, I have not spent nearly the amount I usually do BUT I have still spent money. I will say it has made it a little more challenging/fun!

It should come as no surprise - and I have made mention to it on my blog before - I do like to shop. Yes, it is part of my business BUT I like to shop for other people too. I love the idea of gift giving and picking out that PERFECT item. Sure, it is easy to run out and just get "whatever," or the same thing you do every year BUT it is the thought that counts. Honestly, I feel at times that I have been criticized/put down for what I do and spend. And, while I cannot control what people say, and it can be hurtful at times, it is merely their opinion. I don't judge people for how they spend their money. Yes, could I pull the reigns back, of course, but I think we all can (to a certain degree). We all spend money on what we want to do - whether it is shopping for one's self or others, traveling, education, purchasing a house, etc. While I know those examples are not all on the same level (i.e. shopping vs. tuition for a master's degree) it is about what is priority in your life. 

And, yes, if I am going to be a blogger/influencer in this field, and my platform involves showcasing items that are #fit4janine then, YES, this is an investment that I am prioritizing. 

On that note, in today's 4th #musthavemondays series, I wanted to share with you one of my go-to places to shop all the time but especially around the Holiday's...and that is Nordstrom! I feel like a broken record when I say "there are so many items I could share with you," and, really, there are so many items I could share, but what I want to showcase are some items that I think would make the perfect gifts for ANYONE in your life (and on your list). 

And, honestly, the most expensive item I am sharing is only (I know - only) $100. Okay, you ready to go power shopping? Grab another cup of coffee, or tea, or whatever you like in the morning to get you going, and lets get our SHOP ON! Oh, and THANK YOU Nordstrom for all of the pictures!

Women: Clothing

  • SPANX Faux Leather Leggings: Oh man, these are FABULOUS and flying off shelves. So many bloggers and influencers have been touting these gems and, well, I had to get in on the party. They have 3 colors online - Crimson, Deep Olive, and Wine. In stores, they have Black, which is what I wanted. They were sold out for about a week (only a handful of one size), and then just re-stocked. My Mom and Sister loved so much they went a picked up a pair, each, too! What I LOVE is that you can dress them up with a blouse and heels OR dress them down with a sweater and casual sneakers. So versatile, so fun, and so #fit4janine! 
  • BP. Ribbed Funnel Neck Sweater: You know what's really awesome - this is now ON SALE! For $29.40 this sweater has gotten me more traction than some of my super expensive sweaters and blouses! I purchased in "Mineral Yellow" - the color of the season - and pair it with THIS necklace from Anthropologie (it is on-sale with an ADDITIONAL 30% off). I got more compliments the day I wore it then I get sometimes in a month - ha! With 4 colors to choose from, you are bound to find a color that is fit for your someone! 
  • Topshop Metallic Stripe Crop Sweater: I have become a HUGE fan of the Topshop brand; okay, it can be a bit funky at times but I think their items are FUN, TRENDY, and will not break the bank either. This sweater was paired "with a pair" of sparkly denim and, I don't know, it just worked. I thought it would be cool to sport around the Holiday's too! The bold stripes, and the gold trim, just have an awesome synergy! Generally, I don't purchase "crops," especially in sweater, but with the high waisted jean trend - btw, I bought a pair of "7 For All Mankind" and "Hudson" in the Nordstrom Rack for what is, usually, the price of one - I think it works! 
  • Make & Model Good Vibes Jogger Pants: This was a hard one to choose; there are so many pieces from this brand that simply searching their name will populate close to 80 items. I chose these because I love the fact that you can wear them to bed OR slip them on to be comfy when you get home. I just purchased a pair in gray but I really like the Ivory with the Blue Stripe! I saw them (in person) when they were first brought out in November, and I should have snagged a pair then. At least they have them online (and I may have to wait until post-Christmas)! If you are familiar with this brand you will, also, know that they are SUPER COMFY too! 
nordstrom clothing


Women: Accessories

  • Natasha Glitter Clutch: For $58, this is a BEAUTIFUL steal for your certain someone who likes to head out on the town with a little bling. For items like this, I don't love to spend a lot of money because they are TRENDY but I don't want them to look cheap either. I have had my eye on these for the past few weeks and, well, I was gifted this as an early Birthday/Christmas gift from my grandmother to take with me to a party on Saturday night. Since I have a gold clutch, and the blue was just a little too much for me, I chose the Lilac. It's neutral enough that it can go with lots but also packs a powerful punch! 
  • BaubleBar 5-Pack Crystal Stud Earrings: I saw these a few weeks ago and went completely gaga for them! While I was going to purchase for my sister - I did end up getting her something else - I think for the price point ($68) this is a FABULOUS gift! With 5 different types of "bling" to choose from, these, definitely, pack enough glamour and punch to get you through the week in style! Plus, they come in a super cute box that just needs a bow...and voila! You are have the showstopper gift or stocking stuffer! 
  • Hanky Panky Underwear: What woman does not want a pair of these beauties? Yes, at a price tag of $22+ per pair, this is a great item to give as a gift! And, I love that there is, usually, a gift set this time of year where you can get a deal on a 3 or 5 pack. Oh, and thongs are not a must! They do offer a wide selection of "rises" and styles to fit YOU. I am their "Signature Lace Low Rise" kind of gal. They are my go-to and, yes, I admit, I have converted all my underwear to Hanky Panky. It's kind of hard to go back! One of my secrets: I buy when Nordstrom is having their BIG Anniversary Sale in the Summer AND I always see what is on sale (even in Nordstrom Rack too). 
nordstrom accessories


Men: Clothing & Accessories (While my blog is not tipped with a heavy male audience - although, I am not discouraging any male age 33 or older (ha) - I did want to give them the love in a condensed version!)

  • Kiehl's Mighty Moisture Set: The "beauty" of this product is that it is a unisex gift - perfect for women and men. Honestly, I am a HUGE fan of their products, and I showcased them on last weeks "Bougie Beauty" series. For $30, this set gives a sampling of ALL their best products, including 2 of my "go-to's" - the "Creme de Corps" and "Ultimate Hand Salve." Just like the BaubleBar set I mentioned before, this comes in a cute Holiday box with a ribbon too! Talk about another WIN!
  • Vineyard Vines Classic Whale Pocket Tee Shirt: For that preppy guy in your life, or even for the guy that wants to add a pop of color to their weekend mix, I think Nordstrom has a great selection of tees, pullovers, belts, ties, boxers, and so much more from this company. And, while some Nordstrom's carry the brand, Chaser Brand tees are another favorite of mine! Funky, and hip, this may give the preppy guy a little more of an edge - ha! Your average Vineyard Vines tee starts at $48 BUT everything seems to be on sale right now! Whoop whoop!
  • Happy Socks: How can you not get HAPPY when you see these! In so many prints, these are a fabulous stocking stuffer for your man...and, my gosh, can you pick a handful that will match his personality too. I was fortunate enough to check out one of their stores in Venice, California and you cannot help but smile! If dress socks are something that is not needed, the BOMBAS brand "Original Ankle Sock" (they do have dress as well) for your athlete/non-athlete are awesome too! I have a few pairs that I get at Christmas time in my stocking, and they have been a wonderful addition to my sock rotation. Yes, you read right - a sock rotation (LOL). 
nordstrom mens clothing and accessories


Hope you got some great ideas! I know a need another JAVA! Enjoy, and have a fabulous week! 


P.S. Jus a reminder, ALL PHOTOS are courtesy of Nordstrom! Muah!

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