Life Is Short...Make Sure It Is Sweet!

Life Is Short...Make Sure It Is Sweet!

Ahh, Happy July 1st loves! Hope you are rolling into this (short) Holiday week with a new mindset, a new focus, and ready to enjoy a little red, white, and blue. I mean, I was certainly getting into the spirt yesterday during my photo session yesterday! What's on your calendar for this coming 4th of July?!?!

Janine July 4th


I am, currently, sitting in a cute, local restaurant here in Baltimore in hopes of getting less distracted with the hustle and bustle happening in my household right now. Plus, sometimes, you just need a change of pace to get the creative juices flowing. I feel like my blogging has been at a little bit of a standstill as of late, and I need to change THAT! Luckily, this amazing Cobb Salad from Johnny's is doing just the trick! 

Johnny's Cobb Salad


I have made mention to the fact that I have just been in a complete funk as of late. I woke up this morning, not only saying it is a new week, but it is a new month, and the start of a new quarter too. I have to get my shit together if I plan on ever making it in this business. It's hard, though, to not feel frustrated when things just don't seem to be happening fast enough. You feel you are doing everything "right," working your ass off, spending more money than you are making in an effort to MAKE MONEY and, yet, at the end of the day, you feel defeated, exhausted, and just not "into it" anymore. 

So, the moral of this story right now? Just embrace where you are in the journey. Yes, it may suck right now, and things don't feel they are happening quick enough BUT I can only hope this means that BIG THINGS are coming down the pike. Plus, life is way too short to not be living your BEST LIFE...and making it as sweet as possible too! And maybe that even includes adding a cherry on top (if that is your thing). 

This outfit that I am showcasing has to be one of the COMFIEST EVER! This varsity tee from P.J. Salvage is not only fun, but super patriotic too (HA), and these "Cloud Sleep Shorts" from Nordstrom's "Make + Model" brand are like butter. I guess this is how butter would feel if you wore it. Okay, not even sure where I am going with this one, LOL! Maybe I need to go with the fact they do feel soft enough to be laying on a cloud. 

Janine PJ Salvage


Here's to a fresh start, and remembering that every day is one step closer to reaching your goals (even if it feels a little ick right now). 


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